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Today a Little Part of Me Flew Away

Baby Swallows.jpg

Today a little part of me flew away
I’d been watching from a distance
Watching your mumma and papa
Lovingly build a safe place for you
Little by little the little nest grew
Upon a solid foundation, they took it in turns
Bringing perfect substance day by day
Until one day, your home was ready
I watched as they swooped our inquisitive kitten
Guarding over your delicate shells bearing life
As if your very life depended upon it
And it did
They sat upon you so faithfully
Smothering you with love
Then one day, life broke free
Little by little you grew
Into the sweetest little twins
And mumma and papa loved you so much
I saw little open mouths, always fed
I saw gifts of creation, love and tenderness
Then you were all grown up, and sitting upon the edge
Day by day I watched and waited
Not wanting you to leave
I took this photo yesterday
I’m so pleased I did
Because today, you’re no longer there
I missed saying goodbye
Today you are gone
Today a little part of me flew away
Joy in tears
’Cause I know you are safe
And that which flew away
Has been replaced with a gentleness
Thankfulness and love for my Father, my heavenly Father

Mumma’s still hanging around though
Maybe your siblings are soon to arrive
And again, sweet life will bless both them
And me
As I see His beautiful hand of love
Reach out, just outside our bedroom door

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth