lily of the valley flower white

Can you sing when seas are stormy
Can you sing when skies are grey
Can you sing when meadows lose their green
Or flowers bloom but do not stay?

Will you sing in valleys so deep
Atop mountains you have scaled
Where the winds echo silent hurts and
You’ve lost sight of hands that were nailed?

Listen carefully and you will hear
The beautiful voice of One so dear
He’s never left you, He’s always near
Singing in the valley, crystal clear

Open lips and bring forth sweet praise
Push through the darkness and sing
Sing of the tiniest blessing known
He’ll lift your voice, more blessings bring

And you can because He says so
For our Saviour knows the way
He knows where every breath will lead us
The crescendo of our life’s day

Listen carefully and you will hear
The beautiful voice of One so dear
He’s never left you, He’s always near
Singing in the valley, crystal clear

Singing in the valley, can you hear
Our beautiful Lord’s voice, rising near
He’s singing you a love song
And I can hear your name
So let’s lift our voices high
And do the same

© 2015 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Fields of Plenty

Fields of Plenty

Fields of plenty are mine to adore
And blessings surround me, of this I am sure
Fed from the True Vine for evermore
All this because I opened the door

The door of my heart, where I heard a knocking
And who was without – the sovereign, divine King
Oh! He has entered for me, my very heart’s asking
Brought His Word to my life and now I can sing

Sing of His wondrous works done for me
Sing for He’s made me His for all eternity
Sing when I’m joyous or in sorrow on bended knee
Sing of His righteousness He fastened to that tree

On that tree that was laden with His misery of mocking
Little flowers lay waiting to soak up His loving
And where the blood was poured with bruising and hurting
Sprung up precious fields of plenty for me, all believing

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Please listen to this beautiful song (thanks Doug for recommending)

Am I Listening?

Am I ListeningI cannot explain
This emptiness, this pain
I long for Your presence
But feel it has left me

I feel so hollow
So alone, by myself
I’m hurting, dear Lord
And Your Word seems so distant

I read; but nothing is planted
I see words; but they allude me
I hear hymns; but they are for others
I need You, dear Lord, forgive me

Into tribulation we fall
Bringeth patience and
Experience that we might hope
Oh the love of God
To us You have given
Freely, freely
The gift of all time
Lord help me
To stop handing it
Handing it back to Thee
Oh! May my heart be joyful
And graciously accept grace
You have given Your life
Manifest in me

You have promised never to leave me
You have promised to always protect me
Rain down Your healing, Lord
Wash me afresh
I know I can never be clean enough
Looking through my eyes
Your eyes are pure, and Your light is golden
It shines through my heart
In which Your dear Son is hidden
It’s not me, I can do nothing
To enter Your Kingdom
I surrender my all, to You, my all is given

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

He Weaves a Golden Path – The Trials and Blessings of a Believer

Golden Orb and flowers 19th April, 2013 021

Step into His endless wonders
Walk along the Christian path
Weaving, He opens countless blessings
Daily sunbeams warm the hearth

Yes the trials are present and many
And it takes faith to make it through
But enclosing unseen steps need taken
Love surrounds with golden hue

The Light breaks into the fearful unknown
Strength, might and power do not bend
Eternal arms hold in adoration
For this did His Father relinquishing send

Darkness contained in the pureness of Light.

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

Golden Orb and flowers 19th April, 2013 008

Beholding Love’s Glory

Flowers 017

Excerpt from ‘A Petal Unfolds’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

* * * * * * *       * * * * * * *

‘A new rose releases fresh perfume

A new petal beautifully unfolds

And as another too becomes whole

God’s praise the rose beholds

* * *

Every breath that breathes upon

Our heart of pain and sorrow

Dries a tear with His own touch

A new perfume for tomorrow’

Every Tree Tells a Story, Every Story Waits to Bloom … Life

14th Jan, 2013 013

A little bud hides midst the billowing leaves

Yet to break forth, new life to release

And on that same limb of this family tree

Brown-speckled, parched maturity, adorns openly

–       –       –       –       –       –       –

Rain, sunlight ……. glistening dewdrops

Through life’s blessings, trials, teardrops

Each perfect morning, never the same

And every sweet day has its very own name

–       –       –       –       –       –       –

Please do not judge by appearance or beauty

For we all in this family have a reason and duty

Some yet to blossom, others now resting

I thank God for this tree, survived through much testing

–      –       –

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth