blue flowers

I lie awake
My heart is beating
It sings a song
I know it’s waiting
To hear the voice
Of One who loves me
I must be still
Oh heart, be still

Be still from fear
Still from dread
Still from wondering
What’s going on in my head
Still from the trials
Of everyday life
Be still and receive
Be still, receive

’Cause my God has given me
Straight from His heart
So many promises of Fear Nots

Fear Not, a beautiful flower
Full of perfume, and lingering fragrance
Held together in heavenly bunch
Forever, and ever with scarlet red ribbon
Bound to sweet Forget-Me-Not

I know I am loved, I must fear not
I am not abandoned, no, I am not forgotten
He’s planted His gift
Of Fear Nots, Forget-Me-Nots
Deep within the stillness of this willing, waiting heart

© 2019 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Sparkle in Darkness

pink diamond round cut gem stone

Are you feeling weary?
Are you wondering how you will keep going with
all that needs to be done?

Sometimes we just need to stop.

 We need to re-align ourselves with the peace and
stillness of God’s word.

He has gifted each and every one of us with precious talents.
Some are beautifully shared.
Others are hidden, just waiting to emerge into the glorious light.
But when we are overwhelmed and trying to bring everything to everyone all at once, sometimes
things can unravel and drain our joy.

To stay radiating in the abundance of sharing, take the time to realize that all He has given
us is perfect just the way it is.
It’s ready to encourage and comfort and bring hope.
It may need bringing together; but the harmony is already infused.
We just need to breathe our beautiful fragrance upon it and scatter
it to the wind.

The Lord will allow it to land exactly where He wills.
Where there is a perfect need. At just the perfect time.

“You are a treasure that sparkles midst so much darkness; but just remember there is only so much sparkle that a gem can release with constant handling before that sparkle grows dim and needs to be tenderly cared for to bring that brilliance back.”

© 2014 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Love Forgiven

butterfly flower 01 hd pictures

How can I describe the beauty of His love?
It envelops with the touch of soft velvet
It protects with the fierceness of approaching danger
It surrounds with a peace unseen, unknown
Oh! The Father’s love is love

Love forever grounded
Love forever living
Love everlasting freedom
Love forever giving

Worship Him with wings of song
Let your joy flutter softly heavenwards
Radiantly shining, praise and adoration
Little butterflies of your love
In sweetness a savor floating

Pureness of the early morning dew
The great black cockatoo heralds a brand new day
The wondrous cries in perfect blueness
Reach out and receive Him
He won’t turn away

In the quietness of the day
Rest. Let His arms softly cradle
Listen for whispers gently spoken
And know the Father’s Word is love

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

In Silent Times

fishing boats on calm beach

In silent times of tears I pray
And listen closely for Your guiding voice
A voice of sweetness offering hope
What else can I do, what other choice?

The need is great, despair would set in
Help thou me, my dearest Lord
To pray for those in desperate need
I feel useless, without Your sweet Word

Pour out Your mercy and love, most divine
Forgive; forgive us, those flailing with time
May Your grace, Your hand, Your blessed dear Spirit
Seek and find lost souls in this family of mine

Lighten the darkness, lift from the valley below
Silent times will then ring with glorious, sweet praise
Oh! Give God the glory, the fragrance sublime
And hope and salvation will triumphantly raise

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

Be Still and Know that I Am God


Be not weary Oh! my soul
Even though dark the days, I must toil

Surrender total self to Him
Tell Him of the things within
In the quietness of the moment
Lies a peace that no man knoweth
Less he dies to self and shows it

Angels lovingly do abound
Near to thee and all around
Dear to thee thy Saviour’s plea

Kindness show to one another
Now, this moment, sister .. brother
Only does this … lay our life open
When we carry our cross, not our burden

To our dearest Heavenly Father
Hymns and praises do we falter
All is lying bare, unraveled
Tell Him all that tugs on heart-strings

Isolated, lonely, beaten, mistreated

Anger burns from deepest reaches
Marveling at the healing He teaches

Gone our worry, sin and heartache
Only to Him be the glory, for His sake
Drowning in harmony of sweet, wondrous pureness

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

TRY TO BE STILL (Song Lyrics)

peace tree calm

When there is trouble all around
And friends they leave without a trace
Storms, they come and leave a sadness
But they clarify My Love’s face

’Cause when you feel you’re all alone
And the way before is darkened
Just listen for My small, still voice
It’s peace for all who have harkened

Try to be still
Try to be still
Hours may linger
Try to be still
Pain, it may hinder
Just try to be still
Be still and listen
For this is God’s will

But you say, my mind, it wanders
And there’s always something to do
How can I try, try to be still
When there’s always something to do

You’ll find the answer in My word
My word that reflects perfect Love
My beloved Son is the Word
And wisdom for you lies above

You can be still
You can be still
Hours may linger
You can be still
Pain, I will lift it
And help you be still
Be still and listen
For this is God’s will

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth

Take My Hand and Lead Me Through Your Word

Take My Hand and Lead Me Through Your WordTake my hand and lead me through Your Word
For I am weak
And times distract me
And Your story sometimes goes unheard

Call me to sit and wait awhile
Sit quietly at Your feet
Cause me to see Your gentle smile
Let the beauty of life embrace me

Don’t let go Lord, when my hand
It longs to leave
Duties beckon, the day it darkens
May the love-strings keep me where You stand

One day all hindrances, all pain
Will be forgotten
All that remains, Your word purest white
And Your children, no longer burdened and stained

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth