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StrawBerry and Cream (A Children’s Poem)

Cat Eating

TortoiseShell delight
Broke into a fight
With his neighbourhood friend in the woods
Leapt up a great height
Used all of his might
In front of StrawBerry and Cream

Now StrawBerry and Cream
Were a cat lover’s dream
And TortyShell knew this all too well
Turned with a smile
And showing whiskers a mile
Invited them home for tea

Purrfect dainties he did serve
Pickled salmon for hors d’oeuvres
Layered cupcakes and meaty pies he did make
All purrfectly placed
On purrty tablecloth with lace
TortoiseShelly, friends StrawBerry and Cream

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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A Heart Closed

A Heart ClosedThis feeling of emptiness
Fills opened rivers
Rivers of dryness
Where tears have exhausted
The floodgates of time
Within this heart
Of such mixed emotion
And each shadow
Of melody in sadness
Sheds new light
On how very alone
I feel
I sought and thought
I had found
Love lost
Returned once more
But alas
Love’s not found happiness
And leaves within me
I’m shattered
And a wall surrounds my heart once more

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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Cat Lost, Cat Found (A Children’s Poem)

highdefinition picture of the winter landscape 6

The cat sat on the window sill
That cold, cold winter night
And the flames threw orange sparkles forth
As she silently withdrew from sight

Her purring had held pure happiness
When home at last she saw
The poor, poor bundle of furry joy
Four days gone … four paws were sore

Lost in the blizzard of untold snow
Trees trapped in white-washed lanes
Her way misplaced and so forgotten
She’d sheltered in downtown drains

But then one bleary, bleakest eve
The air it cleared in the softest way
She smelt the loving aromas of home-baked stew
Wafting through a chimney nearby … I say

‘That’s my home …
The one with the bright red door’
And shivering, shaking … (thin icicles for whiskers)
She tapped on the pane once more

Warm air it invited, as the flames edged out
The red barrier at last was down
Someone had amazingly seen her shadow
Caught for a moment, clothed in frozen gown

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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Am I Listening?

Am I ListeningI cannot explain
This emptiness, this pain
I long for Your presence
But feel it has left me

I feel so hollow
So alone, by myself
I’m hurting, dear Lord
And Your Word seems so distant

I read; but nothing is planted
I see words; but they allude me
I hear hymns; but they are for others
I need You, dear Lord, forgive me

Into tribulation we fall
Bringeth patience and
Experience that we might hope
Oh the love of God
To us You have given
Freely, freely
The gift of all time
Lord help me
To stop handing it
Handing it back to Thee
Oh! May my heart be joyful
And graciously accept grace
You have given Your life
Manifest in me

You have promised never to leave me
You have promised to always protect me
Rain down Your healing, Lord
Wash me afresh
I know I can never be clean enough
Looking through my eyes
Your eyes are pure, and Your light is golden
It shines through my heart
In which Your dear Son is hidden
It’s not me, I can do nothing
To enter Your Kingdom
I surrender my all, to You, my all is given

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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Pickles and Ginger

Gray Cat Head HeadYellow Cat

Pickleton and Ginger Lee
Raced round and round
Until they found
Upon the ground
The branches low
A way to go
Above below
Away from Brampton SuperDog
For he did chase
To win the race
Around the base
Of Crispy backyard apple tree
Up and up the bough, it shook
Ginger cried … Don’t be a sook
We’re safe at last, do stop and look
And SuperDog’s tail
Was wag, a-wagging as he howled an awful wail
His lead had caught upon a rail
… and now both kitties could safely bail

Meow – Me – Me .. ow – ow – ow

Woof! Woof!

Dog Wearing a Cape                     Apple and Worm

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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Songs of the Meadow

baby lamb

The little lamb lay silently
Beside the beating heart
A love so beautiful, so mystified
A bond too great to part

The little bird sung prettily
Upon the wind-blown nest
A song so pure, melodious
Through storm, it gave its best

The little bud, it smelt so sweet
On parent stem so grand
A fragrance oh! so heavenly
A touch from the Maker’s hand

The little boy, he walked so fine
Near meadow streams so clear
With opened eyes, he gleefully
Sensed His Saviour’s presence near

The little girl was soon by his side
Together hand in hand they strolled
Through glories of the wondrous beauty
A part of their Father’s fold


© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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The Jolly Old Music Band – Another Poem for the Children

Cinco De Mayo GirlCinco De Mayo KidBoy with MaracaGirl with a MaracaCinco De Mayo Boy

Clary clarinet and Sindy Saxophone,
We’re having a grand discussion,
Let’s start a new band,
A jolly, big band,
We had better find Pete percussion.

So off they did wander,
The two instruments, brave,
But on their way they discovered,
A beaten, old guitar with dents,
“Gary, they call me,” he said.

With a shrill and a honk,
A strum and a twang,
The three new band members,
Walked on and on,
“We’re making a new band,” they sang.

They skipped and they whistled,
And played fiddle–de–de,
Until they heard,
“Hey everybody! Look at me,”
Well they looked and they looked – who could it be?


It’s Pete percussion,
With some of his friends,
Davey and Dewey drumsticks,
Jumping and bouncing and doing the bends,
On top of the bongos and cymbals and things.

Our new band is forming,
We can sit and unwind,
But wait just a minute,
We need to find,
Little Minnie music sheet and her battered old stand.

They searched and they searched,
They whistled and they blew,
Musical notes everywhere,
Until along came Sing–a–Long Sue,
A voice they all knew.
“Can I join your band,” Sue did a–whisper,
“I promise I’ll sing my prettiest voice,
And bring you all together.
The notes and singing will mingle,
The audiences will have to rejoice.”


So Clary clarinet and Sindy sax,
Gary guitar and Pete percussion,
David and Dewey,
Bongo and Cymbal,
In one great big discussion,
Put their notes together,
And this is what they said,
Said to Sing–a–Long Sue.

“You can sing, sing, sing,
With all our fine notes,
With all our fine sounds,
With all our fine keys,
You can sing, sing, sing,
With all of us,
But only if you bring, bring, bring,
Some very fine people,
To listen to our songs,
Songs that you will sing.”

“Oh! Thank you so much,”
Beamed Sing-a-Long Sue.
“I’ll tell you what,
I want you to do.
Now run along home,
And make yourselves glisten,
So then we can practice,
And practice,
So the good folk will listen.”

Can you imagine,
A little forest trail,
With all of these instruments,
Running their fastest
– the speed of a snail?

“Don’t push me, don’t shove me,
Let’s form one happy line,
We’ll get home eventually,
To clean and to shine,
We mustn’t get lost,” squealed Clary,
First in the line.


And when they were home,
They polished and they buffed,
They soaped and they rinsed,
Every part of their stuff,
Until they shone and sparkled brightly,
Clearer notes,
Tickled pink and chuffed.

So off they went to find Sing-a-Long Sue,
Who had had some of her own cleaning to do,
Vocal cords to gargle,
And lips to gloss as well,
For they can’t be new without me,
Thought Sue the microphone.
Yes Sing-a-Long Sue’s a microphone,
One of the best to be found,
And the jolly old music band,
Need her,
If they are going to perform their very, very best.

When they were all together,
They decided on a song,
Would you like to sing or play your instrument with them?
Here are the words for you to follow along.

“We all need a friend,
A friend to understand,
That even if we don’t look or sound the best,
We can still be lots of fun.
Fun, fun, fun, fun,
We can still be lots of fun.”

“So if your metal’s rusty,
Or you need a coat of paint,
Your notes are falling off you,
Or your voice is sounding faint,
Remember this simple song,
Remember to sing along.

Letter Sound Clip Art

We all need a friend to share with,
We all need a friend to care,
Because friends are those we laugh and cry with,
When no-one else is there.

“Fun, fun, fun, fun,
It’s all about fun.
Musical notes and rhythm,
Rhythm and funny fun … Look, and here comes Minnie.”

Happy Children

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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