Have a Biscuit, Nana

Cookie Mix Ingredients

Darling Nana
With your eyes so blue
There are biscuits here
Made especially for you

Would you like one
Say ‘Yes’ ….. please
They are your favourite
Please have one of these

Have a biscuit, Nana
I spent hours making them
There’s chocolate, or vanilla
Nut, cherry or lem-on

Two Smiling Cherries

First I mixed the butter
Into the white sugar
Then Mum helped me with the eggs
And we added flour from the jar

After that I decided
What flavour you would like
But maybe, I wondered if
I should have made pike-lets

Anyway I added
Lots of yummy things
And Mum helped me shape them
And make them ‘fit for Kings’

We placed them on greased trays
And into the hot oven they went
Waiting! Waiting! For the bell to ring
Oh! No! They’ve all come out bent

So please Nana, please
Have a biscuit, please
I made them with all my love
Just one little bite ……
Ok! My precious one

Cookie Jar

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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Didn’t Get Much for Your Birthday … Think Again

Sweetly scented rose petals,
Rainbows in waterfalls,
Little sparrows chirping,
Are His endless gifts to all.

Cotton balls in the open fields,
Grandma’s fudge and candy,
Little robins gently hopping,
Are His endless gifts to all.

Misty fields a – clearing,
Mountains topped with snow,
Dolphins’ eyes a – twinkling,
Are His endless gifts to all.

Silken buttercups and bluebells,
Sunlight filtered in the trees,
The great striped tiger quietly stalking,
Are His endless gifts to all.

Perfume resting on our wrists,
A kitten that has just been born,
The sky so wildly exciting.
Are His endless gifts to all.

Leaves and grasses and lemons,
Ants and honey and bees,
Gemstones and stars and happiness (even tears),
Are His endless gifts to all.

And He doesn’t need glitter, bows or fancy paper,
To wrap His gifts for us,
He has mixed them with His love and grace,
He has given us one long, continual birthday,
Because He offers His gifts to everyone,
Day after day after day.

So, slow down.  Witness all the glory,
That can be seen, smelled, heard, tasted or touched,
And realize that your life has been blessed,
With endless gifts sent down with love.

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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The Mender of Broken Hearts

nice flowers

The needle.

Thrust into depths of darkness.

Darkness of the patchwork heart.

Torn in pieces.

By hatred.


Wrong doing.





Bringing threads of hope, love, forgiveness, salvation.

Mending with the power, love, strength, stability …

Searing pain of Love’s death.

Jesus Christ … The Healer of broken hearts.


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My Love, Words Cannot Express

sugar heart candy

Oh Lord! Why can’t all the wonders
Of what I read and hear
Be planted firmly and not lost
Seed and fruit abound

Am I to read without a pause
Fill my life with words and thoughts
Keep Thy Word forever sighted
Not let the world see light

I see your Holiness
Works inspired and written by others
Those no longer with us
Holy Spirit silently connects us

I feel lost, broken, helpless, empty
Trying to fill my moments
With nothing, always nothing
In order to fill my moments

Because I cannot take in all I read
It is too wondrous for me
I pray that one day, I might say
I live, for Christ lives, believe it and have no doubt

He is not there only for when I choose
To be shared with incidentals
He is my home, my refuge
My home and not a rental

He lives, my heart beats
I cannot find a reason
He loves me, I love Him
His Word entwines my life
Entwines my life that I might live

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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Jewels of Freedom

butterfly flower 04 hd pictures


The beauty of the Lord shines forth
Upon the gentle wings
And softness of a sweet design
Fluttering jewels amidst the breeze

Imagine life so wonderful
And richness Oh! so grand
Weaving through the petal blossoms
In tune while nature sings

So may your life be filled like theirs
With freedom, peace and joy
And may your journey take you to
A place of wonder and reward
(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

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‘The Carousel of Love’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

carousel horse
Stepping upon the carousel of love
We offer our hearts to God and each other
Taking a picturesque seat we look and smile gently
At the one we have promised our life to obey

The days are beginning in new wedded bliss
Slowly at first and we wonder at the hours
Hours of changing scenery and feelings
One is up, the other down

One is down, the other up
We continue to love and hold hands when we can
Sometimes within the realms of day
We meet and share each others dreams

The moments take on new momentum of time
We often miss the beauty of things passing by
But because we are one, on this journey and beyond
We can cherish each other, no matter what comes

Cherish the one to whom we’ve been given
A wonderful joy, sent straight from heaven
Because one day this beautiful carousel of ours
Will slow so we can almost walk right along beside
Then our dreams will seem clearer, we will perfectly see
Our life as one, on this merry-go-round

As one is up, the other is cherished
As one is down, the other is loved
Together meeting, life moves forward
Strengthening and caring and yet strengthened and cared for

To the One who has placed us upon this unknown journey
We thank You for bringing us preciously together
Lord Jesus may Your peace and joy ever surround us
And through wind, hail and sunshine, Your Word always keep us

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No Need To Be Afraid

john 316

Realizing that God is in control

Comes through trust in many a trial

You will come to a place … Rather you’re brought to a place

Where you can only trust as a child


And with doe-like eyes, the tears … they fall

As you witness nail-scarred palms

Understanding as only a little one can

You fall lovingly into His waiting arms


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Grace in Royalty

Dressed with royalty

And crowns of gold

Each unique

But together they hold

A sight almost grand

And together they share

A space in the garden

Where they’re rightful heirs

purple african daisy blooms

All wearers of royal, gracious robes

So different but forever one in eternal Love

Turn to the Light and open wide their arms

Bought with a price, a gift from above


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