Spinning, Spinning

spiders' web 12th Jan, 2013 017

Pure prettiness emanating out of pure light.

Something spun out of nothing ……. and yet here is strength, protection, provision.


–   –   –

Do you ever feel like your life is going around and around and well … around?

Spinning out of control?

–   –   –

With Jesus as our source, we too receive strength, protection, provision.


–   –   –

Our life is ordered.

Pain is lifted.

Sorrows wither.

Gladness enters.

New life is given.

Yesterday’s hurts and tomorrow’s fears –

All bottled, forgotten and lovingly healed.

True Friends

Caloundra with Stephen 009

One minute they’re there.  Then they’re gone.  They’re friends enjoying your times of plenty.

They move on …….  and leave you wondering …….  what did I do wrong?

Why?  ……. Hurting.

True friends though, are those who love you like a sister.  Love you like a brother.

A mother, a father.  No judgment.

Turn around and they won’t leave when sorrows threaten to overwhelm you.

You might feel the pain of loneliness; but a true friend will never let you be truly alone.

Excerpt from ‘A Family Prayer’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”


“Lord, how we need you, Your compassion and full joy,

Need You to flow through us, Your Salvation to enjoy,

Teach us the fear of God ever-more,

That we might not fear man, circumstances or any closed door.”

Scattered Rainbows

My photos 13th Jan, 2013 018

Along the path of our life are scattered so many rainbows of hope.

There are times when we can’t see any joy or happiness or love.

Look closely – there are so many daily blessings.

The sweetness of a singing bird.

The smile of a stranger.

Sunlight streaming through the trees.

The scent of jasmine.


A friend.

The wonders of nature.

Watching the perserverance of the ant and the load that it carries.

The perfection of the rose.

The unconditional love of a pet.

Having someone care because there are always prayers lifted for those hurting.

Life itself.

Every breath that we take.

I could go on and on and on …….

Yes – the best things in life are free.

Little rainbows are just as special as ones that encompass our whole day ……..

maybe even more so

for they are given in beautiful snippets and can lessen the intensity of our load.

Always remember that within each trial the Lord has scattered little rainbows

along the path of what sometimes feels like an empty, hopeless day.

Thank you Lord.

God’s Garden

Roses 12th Nov 001

In God’s garden, beauty radiates to all who receive as He releases fragrance of love from each perfect bloom.

Excerpt from ‘Bread of Redemption – Food of Life’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

“Your hand reaches down
And waters the garden
In my heart.

The garden
Where love is abound
Watering-can sprinkles
And sunrays do shine
On every good seed
Where obedience is found.”

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