The Lord’s Cradle

For the next few weeks I will be re-posting from previous years entries. I pray that those who haven’t seen them will be blessed and that any re-reading them will also have their lives touched with joy.

The Lord's Cradle

You wrapped Your love in swaddling clothes
Deep within my heart
And sent with it joy, peace and hope
To a darkened, forlorn part

Yes, my heart and life were wandering
Oblivious of my plight
Until one divine, dark, lonely night
A lone star, to me, gave sight

Life eternal came with that bright light
To one who did not deserve
Oh! Wondrous gift that you have given me
Love’s cry was never heard

So unwrap that love, deep in my heart
May it fill me with pure thankfulness
And flow unto others in despair
Those in danger and hopelessness

And as the fullness of that gift
Sheds light within my days
May I be found in God’s temple
Sharing faith and all He says

My mother and my father
Anxiously look and search afar
I appear to have gone missing
But I’m following a perfect star

That perfect, guiding star
Leading me safely day by day
Light’s glory blessing my footsteps
And showing me His way

And when it’s time to be so still
And those close, just pass me by
I’ll remember my living Saviour
Whose life never passed most souls nigh

Then when all is perfect; but I think all is lost
That glorious, bright star appears once more
Lights others’ paths in emptiness
My words sharing His words, an endless store

I have given all that I have been given
I have lost all that He sacrificially lost
I have been found in Him who was crucified
Risen together, sharing love at all cost

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


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Wishing all of my dear sweet friends whom have been with me throughout my blogging history a beautiful, safe, blessed Christmas and New Year. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart for yourself and your loved ones. Thank you so very, very much … I am so thankful to God for Him placing you across my path xxx


Childhood Memories of England (Reliving Old Christmas Posts)

Little Robin in Snow
As I write this, I am all grown up
But they still remain with me
The memories of England
Even though I’m all grown up

White Christmas, holly and cousins,
Presents and laughter
Seasons that change
And pocket money in tins

Sitting on Nana’s bed
So high in the air
Counting my fortune
Enough of that said

Snowdrops and daffodils
A baby lamb in my arms
Not soft like it looks
Squares of hay on the hills

Little thatched cottages
Rose gardens and rakes
Cobbled lanes
My life in different stages

But most of all
I remember the snow
The soft falling of snow
On our trees so tall

Snowmen and carrots
Mittens and gloves
Wellington boots
I miss them lots

But these are all memories
Hidden far away
And like a book
Can be opened
Day after day

Now I have my own children
And the present will be their memories
I hope they will be as special as mine are
Memories to draw on, when they’re women and men

But where I had snow
White Christmas and cold
I wonder what they will remember
And the places they will go

As long as they remember ……. love
Because that’s what I feel
With my memories
My childhood memories ……. love

A great big ship was looming in my future
That carried me across the seas
But my family was with me
So my memories stayed behind
Still ……. I brought them with me. A ten year old child.

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

British Post Box in Winter


duck duck

Are you wearing a cloak of fear
The one that binds you to itself
Replace it with the cloak of peace
And feel the freedom for yourself

For God has not given to you
Fearful spirits of any kind
But in sweetest mercy, He gives
Spirits of power, love, sound mind

Use the word of God
His infallible Sword
To cut yourself free
Throw it off
Throw it off
It doesn’t belong
To a child of God
To a child of God like thee
Like thee
To a child of God like thee

So stand on His word, don’t let go
Drink life offered, amazing grace
Lay on green pastures by still stream
Soon you’ll see the smile on His face

Cling to the Solid Rock so firm
Witness through the storms that will come
Waves of fear will try to destroy
And leave you feeling oh! so numb

Use the word of God
His infallible Sword
To cut yourself free
Throw it off
Throw it off
It doesn’t belong
To a child of God
To a child of God like thee
Like thee
To a child of God like thee

Believe His promises always
He will never leave or forsake
He gave His all at Calvary
So you, His gifts of grace could take

So throw off that dark cloak of fear
Open wide your arms, lift them high
Be clothed in peace, not worldly peace
And on wings of peace you will fly

No more burden, no more pain
No more feeling burden’s shame
Let His warming love embrace
Breathe in freedom’s perfect place
Just take off that cloak of fear
Throw away that cloak of fear

Use the word of God
His infallible Sword
To cut yourself free
Throw it off
Throw it off
It doesn’t belong
To a child of God
To a child of God like thee
Like thee
To a child of God like thee

© 2015 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

2 Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

3 New Children’s Books

Hi all,
Just wanting to share that I have just published three books to add to my collection:
Bumble Bees and Jelly Trees (A Compilation of the Children’s sections from my two previous books)
Louie Bear Counts to 10
The Mixed-Up Toys

Would love some reviews 🙂

BB and JT coverLBCTT coverTMUT cover




You washed me white as snow
You took my stains away
Oh Lord, I love You so
Please stay

You held me as I wept
My pain and grief You bore
My heart cried out to You
Please stay

I could not see for tears
All that You’d done for me
Your life You sacrificed
Please stay

Please help me see the truth
Please help my unbelief
Please heal my broken heart
Please stay

(Insert your name here), open your eyes
I spoke these words for you
It is finished, and all that I’ve done
Has given you the victory
In Me, you’ve already won
And I won’t leave you
I won’t ever forget you
Our Father, He sent Me for you
And We’ve loved you ere the world begun
Over your life, Our love, We’ve sung

So now I say to you
Please stay
Please stay
I’ve healed your heart
Poured My love in
I’ve sealed your life
Cleansed you from sin
Please stay
Please stay

© 2019 Words and Image Liana Wendy Howarth


I wrote this nearly a year ago … may it bless someone today.

butterfly glasses

I want to share a testimony
On which the Lord shed His healing light
My hands were spiritually tied
With chains, so old, and rusty, and tight

No, I just couldn’t seem to breakthrough
Heaviness and oppression weighed down
A tendril of what seemed forever
In this trial, grief’s tears threatening to drown

The clear dew of my eyes was falling
Although only my Father could see
’Cause I believed I’d dealt with it all
Those sad tears that only I could see

My eyes wrote an ocean wave story
Sometimes rushing out from the seashore
Sometimes raging in deepest ocean
So I never knew what was in store

So that grief, that I thought now desert
With such sweet flowers blooming to stay
This grief that my Father just showed me
Was totally blocking freedom’s way

I’ve been able, through His hand to write
Most beautiful, least I think so, words
Some put to glorious music, sung
Harmonious melody of birds

Joyous notes in my mind were settled
Understanding I am loved, so loved
There were no ominous tears falling
So why downcast, feeling so unloved

I believed that love’s revelation
Had been implanted deep in my heart
Oh! But after much tribulation
The truth broke this heart torn apart

Yes, the sting of much pain, it had left
Through many years of prayer, and song
But grief that He showed me remaining
Was that loved ones weren’t joining along

And as the Lord shone so much deeper
Into the depths of my closed off heart
He showed me I wasn’t embracing
All that His precious Son did impart

For I’d said to myself, how can I
Be joyful, when others, they don’t know
All the beauty, amazing wonders
I’d tied my hands, so joy couldn’t show

I’m so thankful that He showed to me
The cruel chains with which I’d bound myself
Awaiting my family’s salvation
Until my joy reflected through health

So by faith, I’ve bowed low, repented
Of standing in His way to bless me
I’m as special as any other
Now released in this area, free

And those chains, those old, rusty, tight chains
Have been broken, and my hands untied
I know that my beautiful Saviour
Well, He broke them, the day that He died

© 2018 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


the boat

I’m sailing on rivers of peace
I’m sailing on rivers of peace
The waves may lash
The boat may crash
But, I’m sailing on rivers of peace

I’m skipping on the narrow road
I’m skipping on the narrow road
The turns may twist
Old ways resist
But, I’m skipping on the narrow road

I’m reading all about His love
I’m reading all about His love
Am I in there?
All sins laid bare
Yes, I’m reading all about His love

I’m seeing His sweet miracles
I’m seeing His sweet miracles
Some are for me
Others for thee
Yes, I’m seeing His sweet miracles

I’m walking hand in hand with Him
I’m walking hand in hand with Him
In the garden
Earth and heaven
Yes, I’m walking hand in hand with Him

Yes, all my life entwines with His
Yes, all my life entwines with His
Every heartbeat
Each breath complete
In Christ, I live, move, have my being

© 2018 Liana Wendy Howarth


trees in the snow painting

It’s cold outside
The fire is burning brightly
The robins huddle close
The candles flicker so
My heart, it is awarming
To the season’s gift of love
It’s cold outside
Soft snow falls from above

It’s cold outside
Carollers sing so sweetly
Light fragrance dusts the rose
Now how does that song go?
My countenance is smiling
Friend, to you I give my love
It’s cold outside
Love sprinkled from above

It’s cold outside
This season ends completely
Sparkling tinder, it glows
Melting the cold, I know
I hear the lambs ableating
The Shepherd’s eyes of pure love
It’s cold outside
Bring healing from above

It’s cold outside
Heaven’s stars twinkle lightly
Shine hope on mankind’s woes
White glitters through the snow
My voice joins in the singing
Melodious notes of love
It’s cold outside
Life given from above

© 2018 Liana Wendy Howarth


christmas present

Do you believe in Santa Claus
Are you following Rudolph’s red nose
Is brilliant white Christmas snow
Blinding your vision
Dear one, isn’t it the truth you want to know

Ole Santa, the world, will judge you
Good or bad, give gifts accordingly
But you cannot surprise Jesus
Born as a wee babe
Who lay down His life in love’s death to free us

Don’t follow flashing neon signs
That may be oh so, so beautiful
Wrapped in tinsels of ‘Look at me’
They line the wrong path
And lead to a scene you could never foresee

Oh Christmas, yes what a season
So enjoy your fellow company
Let Christ’s joy ever infuse you
Remember others
In their need, and may His peace reflect anew

© 2018 Liana Wendy Howarth