Two Little Christmas Trees

The trees are green
Softness of the late summer light
Falls, and reflects upon
Another day given
There’s silence at times
And then melodious triumph
Rises, and floods the sky
A cappella
Beauty resonates within the sweet notes
It’s Christmastime
But this Christmas isn’t white
The heat at times
Wraps itself, and bathes all
With copious body tears
Then storm clouds gather
And vicious bolts, and deafening thunder
Gallop across the sky
The children, with each new day
Try and contain their excitement
School winds down
Parties, friends, family
But this Christmas isn’t white
The shops are overcome with bustling
Bargains cry out to be bought
Money exchanges hands quicker than it’s earnt
Heavy loads of purchases find their way home
Countdown is on
Advent calendars reveal less and less
Closed doors
Festivity is born
Carols are playing
Hearts bubble up with joy
Presents chosen carefully
Are brightly wrapped
And then it’s Christmas Eve
But this Christmas isn’t white
The children sleep
Or pretend to
The clock ticks forward
Finally, it’s dawn
Christmas dawn
And all through the morning
Love flows from each heart
Thankfulness sings
Memories sown
Laughter, merriment
Young and old alike
The day wears on
Bing Crosby sings
I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
I am too
But this Christmas isn’t white
So tell me
How can one have Christmas
When Christmas isn’t white?
The tree baubles shine
Green, red, gold
Imaginary tinsel winds its way
Through the still branches
I have two little trees this year
And they are tipped with white
Oh! This Christmas may not be white
But these little trees
These little trees
They immerse this heart, this dreamy heart
With long ago childhood dreams
And so much snowy delight

© 2018 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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