BECAUSE HE LOVES ME (A Song of Priceless Love)

Because He Loves Me

Into the garden He went
Shed as it were great tears of blood
And He shed a drop for me
Shed a drop in anguish for me

Carried His cross
Which cut into bleeding wounds
And He bore more pain for me
In love bore pain and sickness for me

Raised in humiliation
Was scorned, mocked and jeered
And He watched sorrowfully over me
Watched sorrowfully in sorrow over me

Endured suffocating darkness, so alone
Time’s sin poured into Him
And He emptied my sin from me
Emptied completely the fall from me

Drew His last breath
Crushed, surrendered and torn
And He took that last breath for me
Took that last breath of love for me

Three days of stillness
Battle now over
And He slept wrapped in Father’s love for me
Slept in peace knowing what He’d done for me

Hallelujah, He rose triumphantly
He still bears those scars for me
And He had suffered to set me free
Yes He suffered to bring life eternal to me

And He followed the will of His Father
Yet being God
He could have changed His story
But He loved me so
Didn’t interrupt the flow
Of excruciating agony
To bring Himself glory

Because He loved me
Loves me still
Will forever love me
Gave of His life
Gave of His blood
Gave His sweet heart
For me, my story

Yes He was pallid, weak
And weakness shook Him
Drained of mortality
But He drank the cup of my helplessness
He lived, He died
Praise God He now lives for me

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

11 thoughts on “BECAUSE HE LOVES ME (A Song of Priceless Love)

  1. karensila

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! To this you cannot clap only tears as you remember that when still a sinner Christ died. To God be the glory&forever be praised!


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