Gladly I surrender
To all You’ve given me
And as You take my hand
Salvation comes to me

Your song, You poured inside
This worn out, weary heart
A heart which couldn’t sing
A heart, love-torn apart

Each note, placed silently
In hymns, and psalms, and praise
So quietly at first
I couldn’t discern Your ways

Warmth of love descended
Melting this frosty heart
And like a bird in flight
Sweet joy’s wings, did impart

Yes, this child knows it’s there
Somewhere, so deep within
Just waiting to break forth
For melody to sing

And as a baby bird
Releases her pure notes
Songs of her Lord’s healing
When a Child Sings, love floats

© 2019 Liana Wendy Howarth

4 thoughts on “THE SONG IN MY HEART (Song Lyrics)

    1. Thank you. So thankful for His beautiful, healing song, which starts playing the moment we receive Him into our lives, and continues to sing melodies throughout each and every trial and blessing of our lives x


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