MILLIE … ISLAND GIRL (A Children’s Short Story)

My beautiful daughter and new son-in-law, along with their precious dog, Millie, have started a wonderful new island adventure, thousands of miles away. This is her story …  


Hi, I’m Millie, a beautiful black and white furry friend. I have two owners, Mr and Mrs DoubleYou, who absolutely adore me, and I absolutely adore them too.

Everything was going perfectly, life was exciting, walks along the sidewalk, paddles and splashes at the beach, romping in the sand, life was good. But then it happened. Things started changing, or should I say, disappearing. Brown squares and rectangles started appearing out of nowhere. What was going on? My owners seemed too busy to notice that this was happening. How could they not notice? I had to wind my way around them. Around things that were out of place. All over the place. I felt very unsettled. Mr and Mrs DoubleYou comforted me. ’There, there, Millie. It’s alright. We’re just getting ready for the men to come around and pack our things up for us. We’re going on an adventure. All three of us’.

Well that did it! ‘What did they mean, all three of us are going on an adventure? I thought we went on an adventure every time they opened the car door, and let me sit in the front. The wind in my ears was always so delightful. I loved woofing at trees, and other dogs. Why do they need these brown boxes to do that?’ I was now very concerned; but I kept this to myself. Better not trouble them. They’re always busy, and so tired at the end of each day lately.

The next thing I knew, they’d brought this strange box inside, and it had a cage door. ‘In you go Millie’, said Mrs DoubleYou, smiling. ‘Nope. No can do’. This went on for awhile. For a few days in fact. Then little pieces of food started appearing in there. ’Well’, thought Millie. ‘I guess, I could just go and sit in there for awhile, if there’s going to be little snacks for me. I’ll sit down, and make out all is well; but I’m not staying in there. No way!’

The days and weeks passed. Slowly for me. Quickly for my owners. More and more things started disappearing. Strange men came in a big truck, and took all that I knew was familiar away. ‘Where’s my soft couch. My extra large bed. What’s happening. Woof!!’ Next, all that was left, was an old refrigerator with a few scraps of food inside, and a blow up bed. Much cleaning was going on. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Rub, rub, rub. ‘Look out Millie, you may get wet. Or scrubbed. Or rubbed.’

‘Oh! We’re going for a ride; but why so early, and in this strange car? Seems to be a long way. I don’t know this way.’ Whimper. Whimper. ‘It’s alright Millie’, comforted Mr DoubleYou, ‘all will be well’. ‘Where are we, and why is that cage following me. Hey, I see some friends of mine. Things must be going to be okay. Hang on a minute. What’s wrong with these birds? They’re huge. Super huge. They don’t have feathers, they have wheels for legs, and writing all over them’. Whimper. ‘It’s alright Millie. Hush. Hush.’


Next thing I know, someone says to put me in that cage thing, I’m in there, and I’m being wheeled away. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have time to turn around, and see my dear Mrs DoubleYou crying. I’m glad I didn’t. I would have been really worried if I had. They wheeled me up inside the huge metal bird, and there I sat. And waited. And waited. Suddenly, the bird started moving. Very fast. Way too fast. ‘They’re taking me further and further away from my home,’ I sobbed. The hours passed. I went up, I came down. What a funny feeling in my tummy! Then there was another bird, a smaller one this time. I went up, I came down. And then. Mummy. Daddy. What are you doing here?

20190119_162031 (2)

Woof, woof, wag the tail, wag the tail, running round and round in circles, well as much as I could in the cage I was in. ‘Where are we? There’s water, and a ferry, and what, now we’re going on that too?’ Millie was no longer worried, or shaky. Now she was excited. So excited. She could smell the sea air, and the gulls were all around, wildly singing their welcome song.

Across the seas they sailed, smiling and laughing, with just a little uncertainty; but well hidden. ‘Well, here we are Millie. We’re home. Time for some new adventures. Island adventures. For the next few years. What stories you will be able to share. Millie … Our sweet island girl.’ Woof!

© 2019 Liana Wendy Howarth

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