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I wrote this nearly a year ago … may it bless someone today.

butterfly glasses

I want to share a testimony
On which the Lord shed His healing light
My hands were spiritually tied
With chains, so old, and rusty, and tight

No, I just couldn’t seem to breakthrough
Heaviness and oppression weighed down
A tendril of what seemed forever
In this trial, grief’s tears threatening to drown

The clear dew of my eyes was falling
Although only my Father could see
’Cause I believed I’d dealt with it all
Those sad tears that only I could see

My eyes wrote an ocean wave story
Sometimes rushing out from the seashore
Sometimes raging in deepest ocean
So I never knew what was in store

So that grief, that I thought now desert
With such sweet flowers blooming to stay
This grief that my Father just showed me
Was totally blocking freedom’s way

I’ve been able, through His hand to write
Most beautiful, least I think so, words
Some put to glorious music, sung
Harmonious melody of birds

Joyous notes in my mind were settled
Understanding I am loved, so loved
There were no ominous tears falling
So why downcast, feeling so unloved

I believed that love’s revelation
Had been implanted deep in my heart
Oh! But after much tribulation
The truth broke this heart torn apart

Yes, the sting of much pain, it had left
Through many years of prayer, and song
But grief that He showed me remaining
Was that loved ones weren’t joining along

And as the Lord shone so much deeper
Into the depths of my closed off heart
He showed me I wasn’t embracing
All that His precious Son did impart

For I’d said to myself, how can I
Be joyful, when others, they don’t know
All the beauty, amazing wonders
I’d tied my hands, so joy couldn’t show

I’m so thankful that He showed to me
The cruel chains with which I’d bound myself
Awaiting my family’s salvation
Until my joy reflected through health

So by faith, I’ve bowed low, repented
Of standing in His way to bless me
I’m as special as any other
Now released in this area, free

And those chains, those old, rusty, tight chains
Have been broken, and my hands untied
I know that my beautiful Saviour
Well, He broke them, the day that He died

© 2018 – present Liana Wendy Howarth


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