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vector waves waves

Oh Father, I’ve been here so many times before
I’ve been led in Your presence, right up to the shore
But then I’d turn around, see the foe in my sight
Forgive me, fear, it takes over, hope, it takes flight

This time I’ve decided, that enough is enough
It’s Your strength from now on, I can say makes me tough
Through many prayers coaxed out from the depths of my heart
I’ll march right through this safe way in love You did part

I will leave the chains of what’s comfortable behind
I’ll try not look back, look to Jesus, life I’ll find
For there’s nothing I can do to make it seem right
When I only have me, me, me in my own sight

Yes, I’ve seen the sweet promises laid out before
But fleshy desires did pull me to the world’s store
Of things that could never complete this brokenness
I’m learning, only God’s love can heal this distress

Maybe when I’ve walked through the shallows in times past
Thinking I’ve made it, I made it, I’m whole at last
That pride in its disguise has led me to believe
I’ve no further to go, there’s nothing left to leave

Thank you for showing me, there are still hidden hurts
There are wilderness days, and more trails through deserts
I receive Lord, all you have prepared for my life
In Your care, I press forward, to lands of no strife

The shadow of the valley of death, surrounds me
I step into Your presence, with each step, I see
That really those comforts that I trusted upon
Kept me locked in fear, so I couldn’t trust Your Son

Imagined, or very real trials as I go forth
Pale in comparison, mercy and grace lead north
As the fruit of the Spirit becomes my life’s aim
Letting go, letting God, I’ll never be the same

© 2018 Liana Wendy Howarth


Personalized poems now available … See link at top of page. Author of inspirational and children's poetry, Christian song lyrics, e-book "Fragrance from the Spring", "Sunrays and Lily Smiles and my latest release "When A Child Sings" (Aug 2016)

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