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snow vector 3

Mamma and Pappa Rose, a-searching they did go
Through the bales of hay, and through the mounds of snow
Through the valleys deep, and up the mountainside
And all because little Rosebud, was playing seek and hide

One bleat, two, three bleats, four
This is the longest time, and then no bleats more
Wherever could she be, this little lamb of ours
We need to find her quickly, before the cold, cold showers

Behind the rickety barn, behind the old oak tree
They looked and looked; but still they couldn’t see
All was white, so white, ’twas winter time you know
And everything, including them, was hidden in whitest snow

I think, said Pappa Rose, ’tis time to separate
And call for our dear farmyard friends to keep watch at the gate
I’ll go this way, and you, Mamma, go that
Here, dearest Mamma Rose, here, put on my woolly hat

So gathering all their strength, and shaking themselves out
Their winter coats suddenly popped open with one big shout
Now we can go look for our little Rosebud, dear
And all the farmyard animals, stopped by with a mighty cheer

They couldn’t join in the search because Farmer Thorn said ‘Moo’
’Cause each and every one of them had chores that they must do
To keep the farm a-working and supply the neighbours’ needs
Through this cold, cold winter, where none could plant food seeds

But Mamma and Pappa Rose were sent off with a journey’s bag
And each had within their bag, sandwiches, milk, fruit, and their name tag
So just in case, in those blustery winds, they sadly too, became lost
The Shepherd, when he found them, would know them at all cost

Hours passed by, and no more bleats were heard upon the hill
But Mamma and Pappa Rose didn’t give up, and looked for her still
The day started getting darker, the moon began to shine
Then suddenly, a little bleat, pappa heard a little bleat, so fine

Mamma, mamma, she’s over here, Rosebud’s over here
And through the valley grapevine, the farmyard animals rang out another cheer
But when they finally came close by her side on this snowy night
Expecting to find her shaking, she was safe in the Shepherd’s light

For he knew where she was right from the very start
For he’d secretly followed her, he loved her bleating heart
And he knew she might go a-wandering a little too far one day
Alone on her own, she’d start bleating, knowing she’d lost her way

But he’d been there protecting her, keeping watch with his rod and staff
And he’d shown her worried pappa where to find her, turn his grief into a laugh
So when Rosebud was once again, back home, and warm amongst the fold
She promised she’d never wander again, well, not until she was at least ten years old

So what’s the moral of this story, it’s this dear children, listen
Stay close by your mamma and pappa, they love you, you make their hearts glisten
Don’t see the distant sights as something you need, you have to conquer
There’s plenty of time in the Shepherd’s care, when you’re older, for you to wander

© 2018 Liana Wendy Howarth


Personalized poems now available … See link at top of page. Author of inspirational and children's poetry, Christian song lyrics, e-book "Fragrance from the Spring", "Sunrays and Lily Smiles and my latest release "When A Child Sings" (Aug 2016)


  1. We are always God’s children. We are always the Shepherd’s sheep, He who cares for all our needs. He is always at our sides, His Holy Spirit within us. What favor we share. What blessings of the Father are ours! Thank you always dear Christian writer.

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Thank you for your comment. Please be blessed as you read through Poetry Cottage.

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