Oh! How I Love December

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I wrote this a couple of years; but it’s time to post again … With a few additions and subtractions and a year full of many difficult trials and wonderful blessings linking each moment together, I send this out with my love and appreciation for you all. Please take the time to look through my books and listen to the beautifully recorded songs below.

Oh! How I love December. It’s a bittersweet month though. There is just something about it. I feel more ‘me’. Is this because it is my birthday month? I don’t know. My dear late mother’s and brother’s birthdays come and go. My late grandmother’s also. Mine comes and goes. The memory of my brother’s death, English childhood Christmases. Snow. Innocent joy.

And then there’s Christmas … In remembrance of our dear Saviour’s birth. No man knows the date of His exact birth; but I’m sure it wasn’t in December. His birth, the promise of hope. The beautiful carols. The pretty lights. The smiles on faces. Family. Friends. Hope.

And … The Lord has enabled me to place a hardcopy of my two books on the shelves, ‘Sunrays and Lily Smiles’ and ‘When a Child Sings’ … here are the links if you’re interested. This will allow you to take a look inside.


Anyway, as I said, I love December and it’s here, yay! (not that every moment, every hour, every day, every month … every breath, isn’t precious). Now where’s that WordPress falling snow feature :-)!





35 thoughts on “Oh! How I Love December

  1. Every December, I say that I am simply going to focus on the LORD. But then, I get caught up in doing because I want to give to others in celebration of Jesus’s birth. It seems to be a balancing act between being a Mary and enjoying Jesus’s presence and being a Martha and doing to make the holidays “perfect.” That’s the bittersweet nature of December for me.


  2. Gary Bertnick

    Coldest month of the year growing up in Minnesota. Dad’s and sister’s birthday month.(Both left this temporary world). And a good month to celebrate a holiday with the grandsons! Thanks for your voice from “down under”.


  3. Beautiful melodic heart cry to God for a heart to love him. Yes Lord more of your love! Thank you for sharing. Liana looking forward to more of your worship songs. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Hazel (hope I have your name right :-)) for your encouragement … I would so love to keep with the recording; but will leave it with the Lord, otherwise I’d need to go a get a loan :-).


      1. God loves to give us the desires of our hearts. Liana, you may be surprised to see what provision he makes for you. With every vision, God gives provision. It may come from a totally unexpected source.


  4. Ooops. I followed your link to Kathleen’s blog and got on to one of her songs recorded and entitled My Friend (chuckle). Now as for your song Liana. It contains one of the greatest messages of the New Testament. Love is the life essence of Jesus. It is gifted with salvation. It is cultured by the sweet whispers of the Holy Spirit. It is not a virtue in which we receive lesson upon lesson through the will and intellect. No, not agape.
    Such love will evoke the previously unimagined, and in so doing will confirm that it is not I but God moving within, and to bless without. The whole recording sounds beautiful. Nice teamwork with Kathleen. (Doug)


  5. Sheena

    Wow,congratulations Liana..first of many I am sure ,and so anointed ..how very beautiful is this song written from a heart that is truly His ! Blessings and love,Sheena xoxo


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