vector 3 lovely children

A little child, I am
I take my Father’s hand
He leads me where, I do not know
Nor where I understand

But I do know that I am safe
And will be comforted
For He has promised always
With His love, I’ll be led

I may be only tiny
In the world’s blinded eyes
Yet, in Him, I am mighty
I won’t listen to the lies

We stroll along the seashore
We lie down in pastures green
Beside the still, clear waters
The prettiest I’ve ever seen

He sings to me, sings over me
With a voice so beautifully pure
The words fill my very being
Of His love, I am sure

Up rugged mountains steep
And through the stormy seas
Along the valley’s deep, deep floor
You’ll often find me on my knees

Each day I am discovering
All that He’s done for me
His name is Jesus, Jesus
The One who helped me see

Let me tell you a little story
I thought I knew Him all along
Then one day, many years ahead
I broke forth in brand new song

I’ll sing it now, won’t be a moment
Just need to find my singing voice
Sit with us awhile, sit down in peace
You’ll fall in love, you’ll have no choice

And it goes like this, are you ready
A one, a two, a three
If you’d like to join in with us
We won’t worry about the key

’Cause the melody in heaven
Will flow down upon our heads
Fill our being to overflowing
And mend all of life’s loose threads

‘Jesus, You came
You came, You came for me
I may have been the only one
Still You came for me
I am so very precious
I’m the apple of Your eye
And there’s nothing I can do
No, nothing I can ever do
To make You love me more
Everything is finished
Nothing more is to be done
And that is why, You, my Lord
My whole heart, You have won
Jesus, You came
You came, You came for me’

See, how easy was that
Like a little child and father
So come walk with us to the eternal door
One day those searching steps will go no farther

Remember the distant garden
When innocence filled the air
Know that you are loved and cherished
Father wants to take you back there

Oh! Won’t you let Him take you back
Let Him take you back, don’t be afraid
Take His hand, He’ll take you back

© 2017 Liana Wendy Howarth

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