Joy Abundant

Joy Abundant
Oh! Fill us with Your joy abundant
Sing to us that heavenly song
And when the morning reigns triumphant
You’ll be with us ’fore too long

Oh! Fill us with Your power of might
Reveal to us things not seen nor heard
And when the evening dawns, a new Light
Majestic is Your glorious Word

Our sin, dearest Lord, You have lovingly taken
Nailed it to that barren tree
Wondrous God, You have not forsaken
Eternally sheltering, we bow on bended knee


7 thoughts on “Joy Abundant”

      1. Isn’t wonderful to be able to give them new life. Every now and then, I do the same. I try not to rewrite them because each poem had certain meaning when I originally wrote it and I don’t like to change that. I’ll be looking forward to reading some of your older poems. Something to look forward to after my girls are tucked in at night. It’s the only time that I have the quiet I need to actual read and absorb. Lol… 😉


Thank you for your comment. Please be blessed as you read through Poetry Cottage.

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