Once Upon a Winter’s Heart

Once Upon A Winter's Heart
Blustery winds beat relentlessly against the pane
And this heart lost within itself sighs wearily
But I am resting safely ‘neath protective wings
Of One who loves me dearly

Oh! Coldness of night and darkness of day
Treasures that draw my oft times wandering eye
If it were not for His love and amazing grace
They might just steal this breath away

And So I thank You, my Father, my Father of mine
For Your nearness, in the furnace of fiery trials
Thawing out deep recesses of once dying frost
Sweetness of warming gift, my heart, it defrosts

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Winter’s Heart

  1. Another beautiful and touching poem Liana. Thank you! I hope you don’t mind, I just did a post and shared about your writing and linked to your blog. It’s fast become one of my favorites. Hugs!


    • Hi Betty Jo (love your name, by the way). I have left this on your page also (hope you don’t mind the double-up; but it just about says it all!)
      “… lost for words Betty Jo. Humbled. Smiling. Giving thanks to the Lord for His amazing love. About your poem – congratulations. It’s beautiful. May it be the opening of the gate to let the others through, into the pasture and feed many. Love Psalm 37 xxx.”


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