cruise ship

Lost as a little girl of ten
Lost and a-wondering at sea
Unsure of what the future held
Unbeknownst He was holding me

Taken out of my family tree
Or at least that is how it felt
The same for years that came and went
Until before my Lord, I knelt

Never feeling like I fit in
At school, at home, in daily life
Living in memories now gone
It soon led to a world of strife

Who am I, where do I belong?
But unaware of these sad thoughts
They planned my days, shed tears at night
All the while, I was trapped and caught

Through many valleys, mountain climbs
Raging rivers and desert lands
This heart journeyed, not finding home
To plant my feet on rock, not sands

Praise God, I can now see the shore
In the distance, soft lights glowing
The rough journey is soon to end
I sense the relief of knowing

That with each beat of my child heart
Each breath that as a child I took
I never let go of being
That girl on the day my life shook

As on that ship, my life was tossed
For weeks and weeks so endlessly
As a daughter and wife, mother
I have still been waiting for me

To arrive at that safe harbor
With heart and emotions intact
Finally, they are soon to meet
Lost when life was once an extract

At last I can feel belonging
Or what it may feel like to be
Present in the present, not bound
And lost in false reality

And I can unpack those cases
That have been drifting out at sea
Unpack all of who I am now
Since then I’ve become a new me

The belongings that fill my heart
Will embrace love I’ve been given
And all that tried to cause me pain
Left in the depths, I’m forgiven

I’m still a child, a child of God
And my Father, He adores me
I may not cross the seas again
I’m safe, I’m here, He’s restored me

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth

4 thoughts on “FINALLY HOME

    • Thank you dear friend. Where the Lord has me now. He weaves our lives into a beautiful tapestry, it’s just that sometimes our eyes stay focused on the wrong side and don’t see how all the different twists and twirls create such wonder.


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