It Only Takes One Tear

bucket tree geese vector rainbow

Hi there everyone,
I’ve been pretty quiet around Poetry Cottage for awhile now. The Lord has blessed me with so, so many beautiful words over the last four years … it all feels very ‘dry’ now. He just placed upon my heart to start at the very beginning and repost, so that is what I will do. Not every one; but as He leads.

For my new followers and those reading for the first time, welcome and I pray that as we walk upon this beautiful path of scattered fragrance that you will be blessed. For those of you have read them before, may a new favorite be found, and may you, too, be blessed. To God be the glory.

As Christmas approaches I will intersperse the relevant posts.


Each day brings forth a new beginning
Tears dry
Tears fall
Sometimes they just remain hidden
They help to cleanse and heal
They help to release pain
They help to find our lives within
A rainbow they conceal

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Thank you for your comment. Please be blessed as you read through Poetry Cottage.

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