In Memory of our Sweet Louie Bear


Our darling Louie Bear was tragically hit by a car. His injuries were too great to save him. Going to miss him so much.

His pigeon meows.
His noises he made when moving around, so cute.
His ability to hear the dried cat food bag being rustled from long distances.
His presence outside the laundry door, waiting for some of Meeko’s kibbles.
His incredibly close neck hug.
His adorable little face.
His roly poly belly.
His beautiful thick fur.
His comfort.
His love.

Love you forever my precious friend.

7 thoughts on “In Memory of our Sweet Louie Bear”

    1. Kathleen, thank you. Feeling empty atm. Can’t believe he’s gone. Whole dynamics of house have changed :-(. Trying to draw strength from Father. It’s not easy; but that’s my end, not His. I know He is the God of all comfort.


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