Out of the Well of Despair

fountain well shaft shaft
He drew me from the well of despair
Drew me from filth and disrepair
And as He drew me higher still
Into His love, into His will
A new creation was blooming
And I’m no longer assuming
That no-one will ever love me
Want me, need me, choose me, love me
As I saw the walls of the well
The well into which my life fell
Take on the glow of my Saviour’s face
My heart wall crumbled, fell in place
Grows lighter with each passing day
As I am drawn further away
From life of torment, hopelessness
Now (beautifully) forming in His comeliness

Imagine yourself in this basket of love
As He lifts you up into His arms above
The closer you get to His wondrous, sweet face
Life will intensify in beauty and grace

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth

2 thoughts on “Out of the Well of Despair

    • The children of God are so blessed. Can we really grasp the intensity of all He has done for, is doing and will do for us? Oh! To look into the face of Jesus. May our lives reflect His glory. Love you in Christ dear friend.


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