Highlighted and Deleted

help key
Something the Lord showed me last night
I couldn’t sleep because of the heat
So I focused on the only One
Who could bring sweet sleep to me

Before I knew it He brought before me
Many things that filled me with shame, disgust
They just kept coming one after another
It was like watching a movie with no stop

And then I saw it, my life, an open book
And everywhere that one of these circumstances
Had been, there was now an underscore
There were so many spaces thus filled

Yes, He had highlighted and deleted
Highlighted and deleted
All of the sins in my life
Left them blank for me to see
It wasn’t me, it isn’t me
And once I’d seen what He had done
Erased my sins with His pure blood
He didn’t just stop there, oh! no no
The next thing I knew
He had copied and pasted
Three precious words
Into each of those spaces
‘I love you’
I love you, I love you, I love you
Into every area
Where there had been brokenness
And now my life story reads:

I love you … I love you … I love you
I love you … I love you … I love you
I love you … I love you … I died for you
I love you

button heart

Highlighted, deleted, highlighted, deleted
And now my heart has a joyful beat
Yes, a joyful beat, a joyful beat
’Cause all of my sins have been replaced
With the love of my Father which can’t be erased

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth


4 thoughts on “Highlighted and Deleted

  1. I loved your analogy with technology as the display of God’s love. Our sins can be erased, but our names can never be blotted out from the Book of Life. That is the power of God’s love!


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