free vector origami love bauble with gift
Is love on the horizon
Are you waiting endlessly
For that perfect one to love
Trust that one day it will be

Love finds
Its way
One day
Hold on
Hold on
The song’s in someone’s heart
Maybe a few sweet notes
Are still missing
But one day
One day
A beautiful love song will start

Then it happens suddenly
The storms become soft showers
Love, it becomes life’s focus
Each breath sending sweet flowers

Soon the eyes melt into one
What follows is this story
Sharing a new marriage song
Direct from heaven’s glory

When a heart becomes entwined
With another’s melody
Such a beautiful union
Only love can know and see

Slowly hands are held with care
And the chorus starts to flow
Moments capture resonance
As the days of loving grow

Each month becomes a verse and
Then each year a harmony
Fondest memories appear
And become two’s charity

Soon a song becomes a poem
As trials and joy enrich it
So to all who love, are loved
To love forever commit

Love found
Its way
That day
Sweet day
Holding on
Holding on
The song in someone’s heart
Found those few sweet notes
No longer missing
That day
Sweet day
A beautiful love song did start

© 2016 Liana Wendy Howarth

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