Sally Sunflower and Super Bee (A Children’s Poem) … We All Have a Purpose

Blue Star Bee with Open Arms
Sally Sunflower, Super Bee
Gently swaying in the breeze
Oh! Now where did he go, that little bee?
Hang on a minute, I’m Super Bee!

In between the petals bobbing
Tickling Sally as he went
There he is, where? … He’s gone again!
Like a fish through seaweed bent

Weaving in and out and in
Playing hide and seek, peek a boo!
Whistling a hap-hap-happy tune
’Cause that is what little bees do

Are you talking about me?
I can see no little bee
I see a strong and mighty bumble bee
Sally, please tell them all about me

Dear sunflower family
Yes, listen to my dear friend
I was so lonesome and all on my own
SB’s seen me through to trouble’s end

’Cause as he wove in and out
He gently took my black seeds
Buzzingly shared the big load with others
Scattered them nearby and met my needs

Because of him, you are here
And I’m no longer alone
Please let him know he’s appreciated
And as Super Bee may he be known

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

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