Are You Unable to Move Forward?


A beautiful cerise rose
Trying to fulfill its life by blooming
I found it struggling
It was caught up on its own thorn

I released it
So now it can open perfectly

Sometimes we are unable to or don’t allow ourselves be the person who we were created to be. We stifle our life and become caught up on the pain of our daily emotions and ambitions, what and who we think we are supposed to be. Or maybe we are too afraid to let go. Maybe we are unable to because of circumstances.

I pray the healing release of our heavenly Father’s touch for those who feel held back, those who are being hard on themselves, thinking that they are stuck and never going to be able to move forward, those who don’t know what they are meant to be doing, those who don’t know who they are, who have lost their sense of purpose. Anyone needing to be healed, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

May you experience the Father’s love in every area of your life and may every dream and desire of your heart be opened beautifully according to His will for your life, so naturally that others are sweetly blessed.

2 thoughts on “Are You Unable to Move Forward?

  1. When we live out God’s will for our lives, we can recognize and experience the beauty all around us and coming from within us. Your post was a wonderful analogy for the picture of the rose!


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