I Am Approved

Red Approved Stamp clip art

A surprise lesson …
So here’s what happened
Yesterday, I wasn’t
Feeling well
Had many dishes and pans
To clean and needed powder
Real soon

Waiting for someone
To go and buy this for me
The dishes, they kept
Growing, so I bravely
Drove down to the shop
Came home with all
But what I’d gone for

I didn’t even realize
Till I pulled in the drive
That I’d forgotten
What I went in for
And soon tears
Were rolling free
Poor, poor, poor ole me

So inside I went, started
Unpacking, then back to the car
I’ll try again
Made sure I went
To that aisle first
And picked up some
Chocolate at the end

Well there I was
At the checkout line
And my turn came
And all went smoothly
But then that dreaded
Moment came
Will I be approved?

I’m not sure if elsewhere
In this world
That ‘approved’
Is what it shows
But basically it means
Simply, take your things
You’re right to go

And as I stared back
And forth
Waiting for an answer
I started thinking
And that’s not that easy
With a foggy mind
About why I cared so

I was worried about
This new card, that
Had just been replaced
I knew I had activated it
But would a new pin
Be needed to release
The treasury of funds

And right at that very
Moment, I sensed the Lord
Show me the depths
Of that word, approve
‘You’re already approved
Don’t let it break you
My Son came to set you free’

In Christ I am
Approved, and no matter
What this life of mine
Or anybody tells me
Otherwise, in the
Shelter of His loving
Arms, I am approved

I am approved
Because He loves me
I am approved
Because He cares
I am approved
Because His word says so
May this, my heart always know

So I thank you Lord
For making me
Go to the shops in my
Battle, twice
And now as I sit eating lunch
The dishwasher, praise God
Is cleaning all my dishes

Oh! And there’s chocolate
Waiting for later … Smile

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

6 thoughts on “I Am Approved

  1. It is “funny” that I had the same experience with my credit card. I waited until my shopping was done for the week to activate the new card. I go through this every time the credit card company sends me another card because of another security breach in the retail business. Thank God that we don’t have to repeatedly come before God in fear of rejection. Christ on the cross removed fear and instilled confidence in our approval by God!


Thank you for your comment. Please be blessed as you read through Poetry Cottage.

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