Layers of Love

Beach 3
Bundles of joy
And rays of light
Perfection breaks forth
And scatters the night

Layers of depth
Express delight
Darkness, it gives up
Yes, without a fight

Beauty shines down
Everything’s bright
Even through the clouds
A glorious sight

Layers of love
All’s well, just right
Oh! Love, He came down
Embracing us tight

Look up and live
No longer fight
Heaven has declared
And released the Light

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

6 thoughts on “Layers of Love

  1. The other day, I drove into a storm. As I was on the edge of the storm facing it head on, there was a “curtain” of gray that partially obscured what was in front of me. It reminded me of those “beaded curtains” where you have to push them aside to get past. I thought of how the darkness is like fingers that reach down to entangle us. Thank God that He can break through any cloud, storm or darkness to bring us into the light!


Thank you for your comment. Please be blessed as you read through Poetry Cottage.

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