For Someone In Need

For Someone In Need

I cannot be with you
When you need me
It’s not that I don’t want to be
It’s just the way that it is
But know, please take hold
Of this truth
My love for you is surrendered
You are my gift
You were always wanted
In this heart of mine
And now you are hurting
And it breaks my heart
All I want to do
Is wrap my arms around
Your life and protect
All that you are
I release a piece of my heart’s love
And send it across the miles
Praying that it will somehow
Find its place and fill
Your brokenness
And may each beat
That you receive, dry each
Tear as it falls
‘Cause you deserve better
I want to see you smile again
A smile with honest joy
Not one of resignation
You are the treasure
At the bottom of my tears
I feel your pain
Know it
Feel it
You are loved
Forever …
It won’t last
This sadness
Believe …
You are that someone
In need

© 2014 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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