♣ Empty Canvas

So beautiful …

Shade of the Moriah Tree

This is a beautiful ministry song that is well worth the post. I do not advocate all of John Michael Talbot’s theology, but the words here truly depict God Who is the Master Painter of our lives.

The empty canvas waits before the Painter
It waits to be the painting it must be
Unto this end it has rightly been created
To reflect rightly what the Painter sees

A beauty that will surely find its life in its dying
So another might be born again
And in this constant death the constant beauty is created
Within the constant love that never ends

Jesus is the Master Painter
And the Holy Spirit is the Master’s brush
To be dipped in the colours that portray a Father’s love
That the Master’s painting might be born above
That the canvas of our lives might know the Master’s touch
To portray the beauty of…

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