Answered Prayer … He Loves Us So

Our darling daughter Britt is nearing the end of a five week visit to the States.

She has never seen snow, that was until today (yesterday their time).

The reason for this post, besides sharing a (for me) heart-melting photo is this. Even before she left she was determined it wasn’t going to snow. Now whether she was saying this so as not to be disappointed if it didn’t or she really didn’t believe it would, I don’t know.

All I know is I kept praying and believing that she would be blessed and experience snow falling for the first time. I so wanted her to experience it.

Every day (well several times a day, as a Mother is apt to do 🙂 …) I’d check online and see that snow was predicted and then the forecast would change again, and I would get upset; but keep praying and trusting that the Lord would bless her. It got to the stage that snow was due on the last day of her visit and that was the only one that didn’t seem to change (trouble is she was leaving very early that morning).

All I can say is that lately a few more days of snow were appearing on the website. I kept telling her it’s coming, it’s coming and on the day I actually said it would snow today (her time). She didn’t believe me as much as I know her heart wanted too!

Anyway she went for a walk in Central Park.

And it snowed.

The love I felt for the Lord (and her) when I saw this photo … Just overflowing.

Sorry about the long-winded story here; but I am just so, so excited for her.

Don’t ever believe that the Lord doesn’t hear your prayers. No matter how small you think your requests/desires are.

He loves you with an everlasting love and nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with God.

Heavenly Father, Britt and I give You all the glory. Thank you so much for showering your snow-wrapped treasures down from heaven and blessing us both. We love You Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

10 thoughts on “Answered Prayer … He Loves Us So

  1. We always think God only shows himself in the big things – but He is there in the small things, like a snow dusting. I am so glad she got to experience snow – it’s one of my very favorite things! I cannot wait to read your Mary and Martha song – and I look forward to reading your book! Congratulations!


    • Thank you dear friend. Must admit my heart, which awoke a little blue this morning, has felt the joy of the Lord an hundredfold since seeing her draped in snow, seeing the beauty of the Lord and feeling His amazing love for us. Hugs coming your way xxx


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