The Bear Who Lost His Sunshine (A Children’s Poem)

teddy bear vector
Little Blue Bear
Was feeling quite blue
He’d lost his yellow sunshine
And didn’t know what to do

He looked here
He looked there
All over and everywhere
Did Little Blue Bear

Out the back door
And through the window
Around the garden
Where the river did flow

Inside the flowers
Above the treetops
Next thing he knew
He was down by the shops

But still his yellow sunshine
Was nowhere to be found
And Little Blue Bear
Dragged his feet on the ground

The tears started falling
His blue turning deeper
And suddenly his sobbing
Alerted the shopkeeper

“Whatever’s the matter
Dear Little Blue Bear?”
“I’ve lost my sunshine
And no-one seems to care”

“Who or what is sunshine?
For the sun is shining brightly
Not a cloud in the sky
If I remember rightly”

“Mother Bear always tells me
To keep sunshine in my heart
To share its joy with others
But without it, I can’t start”

“Oh! Little Blue Bear don’t you cry
Just because your fur’s all blue without a hint of yellow
Doesn’t mean the sun can’t shine
Inside your heart, my dear sweet fellow”

© 2015 Liana Wendy Howarth

11 thoughts on “The Bear Who Lost His Sunshine (A Children’s Poem)

  1. I had to read this and it went straight to my heart. We call one of our sons Bear (sort for his name) – and there’s a stage I think between 17 and 21 where boys are blue and have a hard time finding that sunshine in their hearts – and its especially hard I think for the one I always thought had an extra measure of the joy of the Lord.


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