What a Day!

Dear friends,
What a day!
Spent a wonderful half hour on Skype with my sweet daughter in US.
Then amazingly had an email from publisher that my book was live.
I couldn’t believe that anyone was in the office at 10.30 pm on a Sunday night. Anyway all excited and praising God that book was out before Christmas … and then my darling husband rings a short time later and tells me he is in an ambulance as he’s hurt his hand.  My 🙂 soon turned to :-(. Long story short, he has to stay in and be transferred to another hospital tomorrow as he’s broken his right hand. Looks like surgery is needed. He’s a builder and car restorer.

The reason for this post is I’m asking for prayer for him. For John.
Physical and spiritual please. May he see the hand of God in all of this and acknowledge that God is real. He is living … that He loves him and that he (as we all do) need Him. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Thank you so much and God bless.
I’ll be sharing the book details soon …

10 thoughts on “What a Day!

    • Hi Wendy, thank you for your sweet encouragement. He had surgery this morning after two nights in hospital and praise God is coming home later on this afternoon with no broken bones as far as I know. We serve a miracle working God. Blessings xxx

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  1. Sheena Thornton says:

    What a day indeed Liana ! Congratulations on your book publication … amidst the joy, really so very sorry to hear about John … Sending all my love and prayers for you both at this time. Sheena  xxx


  2. Merryn says:

    Sorry that your joy had to be mixed with such a hard time. Praying for John – I know God is more than able to move in him and get his attention in the most gentle, loving way.


    • Thank you so much Merryn. Just home from visiting him. He’s doing well, all things considering. I praise God because it could have so much worse. He’s had some sutures and now awaiting consult and ? surgery tomorrow. God bless.


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