The Springtime of an Autumn Heart

daffodil in the snow

I look around, ’tis springtime

I see the glorious sun shine through

It shines from above the treetops

Settles on His creation … makes all things brand new


The radiant colours burst forth

Becoming brighter with each warm ray

This warmth, it fills me with such peaceful awareness

Of my Saviour’s love, this blessed day


For a pureness, it is visible

And the songbirds all agree

That Jesus Christ has risen, is alive

Each little moment, He calls to me


And yet, ’tis really Autumn here

Springtime, it hangs on tight

Showing the preciousness of life created

Giving hope with the Father’s Light


So in every saddened ‘Autumn’ heart

That feels ’tis only time before ‘Winter’ is there

Look close enough and you will see … that the ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’

Deep within your heart, only need emotions be laid bare


Bare all your sadness, illness, trials

Bare all before the Lord

He will divinely heal and cleanse you

And envelop you with Love’s Cord


© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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