The Sweetness of God’s Word

The Sweetness of God's Word

Twining in amongst the roses
Tinged with thorns so carefully
On life’s path named “Follow Jesus”
Love brings freedom at Calvary

There the Word beckons one to look up
And my gaze beholds Glory’s pain
Never must I forget ‘tis love that …
Bought me life and broke the chain

So I ponder all He’s done for …
Me and countless other souls
Knowing that His birth without death
Leaves our hearts with bottomless unfilled holes

As only Jesus can fill our hearts up
Fill us up with His saving grace
Love and mercy, His salvation
Redemptive love upon thorn-marred face

Praise God He sent His Son to die for
You and me upon that blessed tree …
Blest because it held our Saviour
Blest absorbing His blood, spilt silently

Oh! The sweetness of God’s pure word
It lifts us way beyond our mortal hopes
Cleanses, heals, pricelessly restores us
Yes, it lifts us free with Heaven’s ropes

And so, beauty laced with lovingkindness
Is my Saviour’s word to me
He can, He will always lead me
Forward on to victory

For His promises are eternal
Fragrance bound upon Royal Word
Lifts me above saddened circumstances
Purer sweetness never heard

Oh! The angels wondrously adoring
Lifting chorus ever free
He can do the impossible
For He whispers, “All things are possible with Me.”

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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