When a Rose Cries

When a Rose Cries

Sometimes the pain is too much to bear

Sometimes you wonder how you will go on

Sometimes the never-ending tears won’t end

Sometimes the burden, it crushes, it bruises

Sometimes fogginess is so persistent it becomes reality

Sometimes life … it just happens without you

But those tears that mar a beauty’s face

Those tears that hold a healing flow

Cleanse the surface, fragrance released

Yes, life goes on … pain


Longing for a breakthrough

Answered prayer

Watching loved ones live without you

You’re there; but you’re not

They wonder

They hurt

Wanting to help

Not knowing what to do

To make it easier

To ease suffering

The pain

The pain of suffering

On and on and on

Sensing no relief

Tried this

Tried that

Nothing works




One day

One day

One day

The prayer will be answered

Until then


Under the merciful gaze of love
My heart is open, crushed and sad
I have come to realize that through it all
Only Jesus is hurt when my life falls

Help me to recover my poise
In Christ I live, and not for nought
Healing balm please Lord, do apply
For very soon this life is nigh

Heal me with the fragrance of roses
Heal me with sweet scents of rosebuds
May the lily cover my proudness
Cover my sense of guilt and shame

Lift the cloud of weariness yonder
From this weak and burdened frame
For this cloud remains a long time
Oh! When will Your sweet lightness shine

Please, dear Father, should I wander
Through this wilderness of thine alone
Lift this cloud, I shall not falter
Lead me on, for this Thy cloud came

 (from ‘Fragrance from the Spring’)

© 2010 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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