I cannot express my words; but still
Upon cleanest paper with the Master’s quill
My prayer goes out to all whom seem lost
Unbelief in my Saviour, who died at all cost
Please, dearest Father, fetch my heart’s distant cry
Bring to the forefront before time run’s dry
My loved ones are trapped upon distant shore
Release them from darkness, I can’t ask for more
The wondrous glories of Thy brilliant creation
Continue to shine and sing with much jubilation
Yet those whom I treasure are stumbling blindly
Can’t yet see of Heaven’s Love given free, so kindly
I cannot express my words; but still
I know my Lord hears all that’s lifted in His will
Precious One to whom every knee shall bow
Fill the void in my life and answer me now
Save my and all whom I hold dear, our loved ones
Open the door, open the eyes, fill with Thy saving grace
Bring all to a knowledge of Eternal Life, show Thy face
The depths of my being shed tears of deep pain
And like the parch-ed, barren land, rivers still need the rain
Fill us dear Father with Thy promises of Love
Thine repentance and forgiveness, gifts falling from above
Remember not the sins of our dear family
Love our loved ones with Thy Love as a new day we see
Dawning on the nights of their unknown pain
Wondrous fragrance, new life, spring-time colours … Salvation’s rain

© 2012 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

2 thoughts on “URGENCY

    • Thank you Debbie … this is an old one of mine … after reading/seeing some of the atrocities that are happening in the world I went searching through my work and this title just jumped out. God bless you and your loved ones also.


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