The Boat Called ‘Affliction’

The Boat Called 'Affliction'

Upon the wildest sea of life
Where dreams, reality are lashed by strife
Upon the crest of highest wave
Where sickness, pain, His sweetest hand gave
Upon tumult of darkest deep
Where storms, affliction rob of sleep
Upon the spinning, whirling foam
Where tears, despair … peace doth roam
Upon this terrible, terrible frame
This frame of life, where nothing’s the same
Day after day after night after day
This seafaring, weatherboard boat has its say
And this boat, so lovingly called ‘Affliction’
An experience, leads us … to His crucifixion
Never a storm out to sea hath so harkened
Called us to share in torment, so, so darkened
As the bed of affliction with a boat so secure
Given always with mercy, grace … eternally sure

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

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