Living Inwards, Looking Outwards

transparent glass fish tank and red goldfish 06 hd pictures

All around me I see life
It’s in the air I breathe
I can sense the wondrous dreams
But they’re trapped within the unseen

People gather around and I
Can only wonder and stare
Non-participation has for me
Left life running past outside

I’ve been here what seems like
Forever, forever watching, sad
I have the beauty of life within
But life, it just passes me by

And like a goldfish swimming round
And round and round and round
Smiles and joy and merriment
Belong to those through glass

With sunrise, surrounds become intense
The light reflects what I’m missing
With sunset, surrounds become muted
And emotions are readied for sleep

I thank the Lord for loved ones near
I pray for soon release
I’m like a goldfish swimming round
Unable to escape clear confines

But there is love within the bounds
For He has placed daily blessings
Shelter, nourishment and eyes to see
And boundaries for the present season

Yes this bowl, it has a name
And that would be chronic illness
Keeps me from life’s continual movement
But each breath is enough for me

© 2013 – 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

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4 thoughts on “Living Inwards, Looking Outwards

  1. Merryn says:

    You’ve captured chronic illness so well. I can sense that wistful longing within you, to be well and able to do all your peers can do. Yet underneath it all, is that decision to rest content in God’s care no matter what happens.


      • Merryn says:

        I hadn’t seen your new blog but I’m heading over right now! 🙂 Do you know an old church chorus called “Faithful One”? When you mentioned “Anchor” , the lyrics came to mind…”,Faithful One, So unchanging; Ageless One, You’re my Rock of Peace; Lord of All, I depend on You…I call out to you again and again x2; You are my Rock in times of trouble- You lift me up, when I fall down; All through the storm, Your love is, the anchor- My hope is in you alone


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