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Chutney Chimp


Hello, I’m Chutney Chimp
And welcome to my story
It starts one early, summer morn
We’re off to visit Grandpappy Torry

Chutney, Chutney
That’s my name … so listen very carefully
… ‘cause I’m full of wonderful adventures
And nothing’s ever the same

So here we are on this rickety, old jungle bus
And I’m just sitting ever so quietly
When suddenly the driver jumps up from his seat
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! What’s that? … it’s so huge and hairy

Mother Chimp grabbed me close to her side
No harm was to come to me
The driver stopped the rattling, old bus
And panicking, ran down the aisle and threw at me the key

I’m Chutney, Chutney … … …
So strong and brave
But at this very particular moment …
I would rather go and hide in a cave

But I’m the brave Chimp Chutney, so I reassured dear, old Mother
Made my way to the front of the bus and took her wonky umbrella
And who did I see, smiling back at me
Our dear, old friend, none other than Cheesy Greasy McGrilla

Chutney, Chutney
Yes, that’s me
And here’s my partner in adventure
… … … Chutney and Smiley Cheesy McGreasy

So why the driver’s strange reaction
To this, on this fine, fine day in summer
Chutney knows … … do you know too?
The driver’s name is Crackers McCracker!

Cheese and crackers …
Chutney and cheese …
Crackers and cheese and chutney …
Hope no one’s hungry
… ‘cause together, we go perfectly!

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

I originally posted this February 2013 … unsure of photo credit. If anyone recognizes it as their own, please let me know and I will find another. Thank you.


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