My Tear Filled Heart

My Tear Filled Heart

The shadows of my silent heart
Betray the hurt within
Instead of joy and tenderness
Love’s ache prevails for kin

There is a battle amidst the calm
And tears, they stand awatching
Waiting for the soon appearing sign
From the holder of the wellspring

It is so sad, that bonds are torn
And they all need amending
To be sewn together, permanently
With compassion and love unending

Please, please dear Lord, please hear this plea …
It seems lost in unearthed, hardened soil
This seemingly defeated plea
And restore a families’ inner turmoil

A newfound love was beginning to bud
Smiles, peace and joy left fragrance
Cries for help held rays of needed hope
And seemed to be radiantly answered

But once again the petals wilted
And tears they were on standby
The reservoir soon to unleash
Like a torrent from darkened sky

But may sweetest dreams of love abounding
Call healed response from all concerned
May night-time fade and leave no scars
May day-time shine with hearts rebound

© 2013 – present Liana Wendy Howarth

(in my e-book “Fragrance from the Spring”)

6 thoughts on “My Tear Filled Heart

  1. The “strong delusion” is not a future thing yet to come, it is here “Now”
    Prayer is all we can do ultimately…Not My Will Father but Thy Will be done.
    Keep in mind…He shows Mercy, so there is always HOPE in prayers and supplications in Jesus’ name.


  2. You’ve captured the heart-ache in the wait of a prayer sent out! It reminded me of the one-step-foward-two-steps-back that raising children can feel like! Praying God give you peace that He has the plan – and the time!


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