Today the Crying Heart is Mine

man hand beat
Well I never thought I would write a post like this :-
Yesterday I wrote for those with a crying heart.
Today it was me.
I have never (to the best of my memory) ever felt as sick as I have done today.
I took some tablets this morning at 8 am as a part of a 24 hour collection for liver studies.
My family can testify that I nearly wore the floor out … pacing backwards and forwards for ages.
Symptoms ranged from nausea, terrible anxiety and yes even fear, worse brain fog than usual and this constant need to move.
I felt helpless (as I write this nearly eight hours later, I still feel unwell; but praise God it is lessening).

The reason for me writing this is that through it all … my heart was crying.
oh! yes, I felt sorry for myself; but my real heart-tears were crying for :-
All those going through chemotherapy, radiation and any other medications/treatment.
Treatment that makes them feel unwell.

I watched my mother and my brother suffer the side effects of these.
I know that they help many and prolong life in many cases.
I am not writing about my thoughts on this.
I am just pouring out my heart, tears are brewing just thinking about this as I write.

This is for you, dear one.
Anyone going through situations medically where you feel you have no control.
Anyone going through medication protocols where you just feel you can’t take it anymore.
My heart cries for you … and for your loved ones witnessing what you are going through.

Please allow me to pray for you now.

Loving Heavenly Father,
I come to You now, the Great Physician
I bow at Your feet and pour my anguish out for those suffering
Any going through medical treatment where they feel they have no control
Anyone who has been unwell for a long time
Anyone awaiting results of a “what may be” serious nature
Lord You know all
Lord Your love is as vast as the ocean
Lord You care for and know when even a little sparrow falls to the ground
Please pour Your healing virtue into these dear people who need You so desperately
Please grant wisdom to all who are caring for them
Please send help to those who are going through illness alone
Please comfort them, please comfort their loved ones
I give You all the praise, honour and glory Lord
Comforter, Deliverer, Healer, Saviour
In Jesus Name I pray

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

When I first saw this image, to me it was a picture of someone suffering and downcast, and the Saviour ever so near and leaving His loving touch upon a hurting person. Just before I posted this, I realized it may be someone inflicting pain on another … this is not my intention. I see the imprint of God’s love and His promise that He will never leave or forsake all who put their trust in Him. I do not intend any harm by posting it with this message … please forgive me if it offends anyone … definitely not what I want to do in posting this.

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12 thoughts on “Today the Crying Heart is Mine

  1. Wow, bless your heart. You were suffering greatly and still managed to reach out and pray for others who are suffering as well. Jesus definitely inhabits the chambers of your heart! I pray for you and all those that you uplifted as well. May the God of all peace and comfort restore health and wholeness to all of you. He is the same today as He was in the beginning when He flung all that we know into being, and since He is that big and powerful, He can indeed restore health unto you. My heart cries for your pain and suffering but rejoices in the example of your love and faithfulness to Him loves you and is still on the throne! Blessings and love and hugs, Natalie 🙂


  2. Thank you, Liana….your prayer means a lot to me, and I am claiming it as my own as well as joining you in praying for others. God bless you, Dear Friend.


    • Bless you dear Ellen for your prayers and comfort. ‘Tis the following morning and still feeling ‘washed out’; but thankful the Lord granted me some sleep. He is so good. May His Name and His Name only, be lifted up, magnified and praised. To God be the Glory xxx


  3. Liana you are writing about the place of intercession. I agree with you. I pray for Jesus bed-side and for a thrilling sense of His awareness and loving control over any set of circumstances. As I write this in the coffee shop the background music is “Take the Long Way Home” by Supertramp (a college-time favourite…interesting?) and long before any of the real heartache hit my life’s path this side of Calvary. Relax in Him. You serve the Best!


    • Thank you so much Doug … means a great deal to me. It’s 22.15 and still feeling ‘off’; but so thankful that yes, I serve the best and He hasn’t given me a spirit of fear; but of power, love and a sound mind. I remember that song, can’t remember if I liked it or not … long, long time ago; but yes title is very relevant. Might be the long way home; but I can see His footprints at every turn/any circumstance that befalls. God bless and thank you once again.


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