Three Hours of Darkness

Three Hours of Darkness

Three hours of darkness,
How long can that be,
Struggling for breath,
Feeling alone on that tree.

Three hours of darkness,
The pain is growing stronger,
Voices mock and jeer,
Final breath won’t be much longer.

Three hours of darkness,
They do not see My anguish,
And yet My Heavenly Father,
His love He will not vanquish.

Sometimes I feel this darkness,
More than sometimes lately though,
My pain and misunderstanding,
I too often loudly show.

Help me dear Lord and Saviour,
To hold Your hand in rain and shine,
To suffer Your afflictions,
Mine will never feel like Thine.

For You bore the hurt of many,
And many more to come,
Me, it’s just me and mine,
And still the tears, my face is numb.

Oh! Help me wondrous Father,
To see my sadness in Jesus’ light,
He died that I might live,
He hurt, I hurt, He for me –
Mine only for a night.

My sorrow could never be,
Compared to that sorrow upon that tree,
So grant me grace enough to bear,
These three short hours of darkness here,
Which You have blessed and gifted me.

© 2012 – 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

11 thoughts on “Three Hours of Darkness

    1. Dearest, sweetest Natalie … I’m fine (bless you for your compassion) … I was given these words, this poem a long time ago … it is about my/our trials in comparison to His ever so intense suffering on the cross, bearing all of mankind’s sin … there’s no comparison …
      Think of Hebrews 12:3
      1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      3 [a]”Consider therefore him that endureth such speaking against of sinners, lest ye should be wearied and faint in your minds.”
      a.Hebrews 12:3 An amplification taken of the circumstance of the person, and the things themselves, which he compareth betwixt themselves: for how great is Jesus in comparison of us, and how far more grievous things did he suffer than we?


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