Is It Just Me ???

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Sometimes I believe that the Lord pens His love and answers to our prayers through us. Yes, they are for the comfort of others; but how many times have we (as poets/writers/bloggers etc) reread ‘our’ posts and been ministered unto at just the perfect moment? (and we read them as if someone else had written it for us!) … Or am I the only one who feels like this? God is so good and His mercies are new every day. Every day He paints a fresh rainbow upon all that He has given us and even though the tears may still fall, they are cleansed with the beautiful colours of heaven’s healing palette.

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12 thoughts on “Is It Just Me ???

  1. From ANITA over at
    No, you aren’t the only one 🙂 and your post really encouraged me today, so thank you.

    I believe that God uses our past, our stories, the things He places on our heart, in so many ways; even for things we aren’t aware of. As we write we share our relationship with our Maker, and the journey we are on into His arms of love, they aren’t one time posts are they? It’s amazing isn’t it. I am so thankful for those fresh rainbows and God’s healing touch. xxx


    • Love the way you say “even for the things we aren’t aware of” … sometimes the unknown needs and hidden desires of our hearts, that only He knows at the time, are the most precious of all because when He brings them into the light, they seem as though there were meant to be there all along … and they were.


    • I know … I remember reading one of my much earlier poems and thinking ‘how on earth … where did that come from?’ … of course it was all the Lord’s prompting and wording. Thank you dear Natalie xxx


  2. I have felt that way also. I usually write different thoughts, impressions that I receive during times of prayer or during my day. Many times I have went back and read those notes and been encouraged, comforted and even corrected all over again.


    • Hello #23 🙂 … welcome to poetrycottage … thank you so much for your comment … wonderful to write down the revelations during prayer time and be blessed with them when you least expect it. Blooms just waiting to blossom and release the sweet fragrance of healing. All the best with your blog xxx


    • It’s such a special moment isn’t it Skye … just us and the Lord. Feeling His tenderness and compassion toward us. Seeing us in our weakness. Pouring His strength into us. Sending blessings and love xxx


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