Rosie and the White Picket Fence

rose miracle nature
Wrapped around the white picket fence
Gorgeous blooms, they were heaven sent
And the greatest bloom in that sweet garden
Held its very fragrance hidden

Held it so very hidden because
Thorns from others stung and prod
And so dear Rosie, she did close
Her precious petals, concealed the pain

But as time grew older and colder
All around her began to shiver and shudder
All of their feelings had been left wide open
Gathering remnants of a love forsaken

And so with each newly broken heart
They bowed beneath the hurtful part
One by one as their very being broke
All that was left was Rosie and her heart awoke

Sometimes when you can’t go on
You are hiding strength on which to lean upon
Lean upon the picket fence
Yes, it makes for perfect sense
Like Rosie, heart compact, hidden
One day soon, released and bidden
So that when others all around you are openly in pain
You’ll have bountiful strength and love to share
And your beauty will finally open again!

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

photo courtesy of

10 thoughts on “Rosie and the White Picket Fence

  1. He is so trustworthy and we can lean on Him … and give thanks even in the most dire circumstances 🙂 what a beautiful reminder of Him who sees to the depths our our broken hearts!!! Thanks so much for sharing this splice of hope!


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