Draw me into the depths of Your heart
The depths of Your heart, draw me
I cannot do this by myself Lord
Oh! Please wrap Your arms around me

I run into Your waiting arms
I may stumble, I may fall
You come to me
Gather me into Your arms
You have waited so long
But this time
Yes, this time, I will surrender all

Sing Your love song that was written just for me
Hold me closer, closer than love can ever bear
With cords of love, now eternally wrap and bound
I’ll forever treasure this wondrous love that we share

I’m held close to Your beating heart
And I can hear Your heartbeat
Upon my fast beating heart
You place Your nail-scarred hands
Gently, oh! so gently into mine
Now Jesus, my Saviour, You’re forever mine

Oh! I ran into Your waiting arms
I did stumble, I did fall
You came to me
Gathered me into Your arms
You had waited so long
But this time
Yes, this time, I had surrendered all

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

16 thoughts on “INTO THE DEPTHS OF YOUR HEART (A Song of Salvation)”

      1. lol…If I could write music I would…but, as I read it, I was singing it.

        Thank you…it is slow going. But, that is ok. God will bring to it those that need to hear what I have to say there or those that need a good chocolate cake recipe. 🙂 Big hugs!!!


        1. Skye, I often look at all the wonderful comments and the amount you receive on your blogs and wonder what it would be like to have so much interaction with fellow bloggers; but I have been shown that I have abundantly enough for me to ‘cope’ with. Praise God. You are a sweet blessing xxx


          1. Oh, I try not to ever even think about it. If I did, it would affect how I interact individually with each person. I want each person to feel like they are the only one I am concerned with….because it is true at that very moment. It may sound silly, but I want personal relationships with each one so that they know they have someone in their corner when they need someone to hear them. I hope that makes sense. I figure God brings to each of us bloggers who needs to be there…numbers do not matter. Hearts do.

            I am so glad to know and love your heart. You are a precious gift to me…I hope you know how much.


                  1. Again….Ditto!!! Kindred spirits!! I cannot wait till we meet someday…because we will. On either side of the blue sky we will meet….it will be a great day!


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