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When You’re Too Afraid To Open

When You're too Afraid to Open
It’s just another stormy night
They winds they blow
The trees they crack
The thunder rolls
The lightning goes forth
Into the homes where darkness groans
Beneath the burden of love not given
Hearts locked within
Too afraid to open
They’d rather be distant
And shattered inside

Then, to let the Light in
Make Him welcome
Be bright
Bright and singing tunes of love
For a Saviour
Who’s opened the way
For scattering of darkness
Into the very recesses of distant time
Light now comes forth
Into the eyes of the heart

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

Please forgive my theme change again.
I have decided to delete poetrycottagephotography … my apologies to that blog’s followers and those who left comments.

Simplifying … too much going on!


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7 thoughts on “When You’re Too Afraid To Open

  1. Into the homes where darkness groans
    Beneath the burden of love not given

    Wow Liana, this is powerful as I have seen the insides of some of these home and it is heartbreaking experience. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us! ~ Blessings ~


    1. Darkness is a burden … it weighs heavy upon those walking with the Light guiding their way. Weighs heavy; but cannot dispel the light … but praise our wonderful God, His Light dispels the darkness.


  2. “Beneath the burden of love not given” – oh, that is enough to stagnate blooming – but taking a chance on God – letting his light in makes all the difference! Poignant, hope-filled poetry, Liana!


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