The Story of Affliction

The Story of Affliction

Blustery winds that do not cease
Can cause a heart to doubt
Blinding rain pouring ever relentless
It’s what the story of affliction’s about

Whirling, swirling, the mind’s in a state
And symptoms are swept so thoroughly through
Through every weary-worn battle of emotion
And that’s why I’m feeling so blue

The branches of my heart forsaken
Are snapped beneath the pressure
And tears fall swiftly to ground so trodden
Like leaves in a storm beyond measure

But in amongst the tortuous whirlwind
A path I see, it clears
My Saviour’s face is no longer hidden
He’s shone His light on all my fears

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

7 thoughts on “The Story of Affliction

    1. Oh! how blessed are the blessed of our Lord and Saviour … His love, His grace, His mercy, our forgiveness because of His forgiveness, our faith because of His salvation … all free … all gifts from our Father’s priceless treasure house.


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