You Took My Thorns (A Poem or A Song of Thankfulness)

You Took My Thorns

You have poured
Your love
Over my
Rose petal heart
A heart that
You softened
A heart
Torn apart
You took
All my thorns
Added them
To Your crown
And now that
They’re gone
I can but
Only bow down
My God
My Saviour
My Redeemer
My life
You’ve poured
Your sweet fragrance
Over every
Rosy beat
Of my heart
And I’ll forever
Thank and praise You
With each
Perfumed breath
For each day
Now presents
New blossomed
So hold me
And place me
In the fellowship
Of love
And may
I forever
Be in
Your Bouquet

© 2014 Liana Wendy Howarth

17 thoughts on “You Took My Thorns (A Poem or A Song of Thankfulness)”

      1. Sigh….oh, dear friend, I do not feel arranged perfectly at all. In fact, I am sitting here in tears lamenting that very fact. Need to sit and read your poem again and then pray. Love you…..


        1. I, in no way feel perfectly arranged Skye … please don’t cry … only through His eyes I should have added … we cannot see ourselves as He sees us, with our limited human eyes, as precious and amazing as they are … sending an extra special hug xxx


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