6 thoughts on “Unable to LIKE Sorry

  1. Hey, I just went and tried a few things … I ususally use firefox. When I switched to internet explorer, your likes now load. Maybe you can try to switch to a different browser and see what happens …. I also cleaned out my cookies and that seemed to help … but I think there is also a WP issue somewhere …


    • Hi Heidi, I was using firefox on one and internet explorer on other yesterday, neither worked … but so lovely to see everyone’s sweet ‘faces’ loading again this morning. Thank you for the follow up xxx


  2. I came across your blog on the help forum trying to figure out why my “like” button isn’t working. Hope they fix it. 🙂 Happy New Year and blogging anniversary to you. Beautiful kitty. 🙂


    • Hello 2browndawgs, nice to meet you, one animal lover to another … yours too? mine’s still misbehaving … I looked at the advice offered and started changing things; but not knowing what I’m doing I decided to change back and leave it to the experts … maybe tomorrow all will be well … Happy New Year to you also. Had a quick peek at your blog … will visit soon.


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