Joy-Drops (A Song of Encouragement)

JOY DROPSWhen one fine day, dark clouds appear
Upon the horizon of my mind
Change skies of sunswept blue
Into weeping memories of you
I cannot help but linger there
‘Cause the pain, it washes over
But He turns every little teardrop
Into a joy-drop for me

Yes, He turns every little sorrow
Every tear that goes unseen
Turns them inside out and cleanses them
With His power releases them
With the love of Love’s love He wept for me

Every little teardrop from never-ending fountain
Every little teardrop from deserts no longer blooming
Every stream of this facial valley that’s been marred
He’s turned into precious joy-drops for me

Yes, little golden dreams of sun-drops
He casts a rainbow over me
Casts a rainbow over me
Casts a rainbow over me
The flood has gone
And I have won
Because I’m kept
In the joy-light of His Son

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

5 thoughts on “Joy-Drops (A Song of Encouragement)

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