The Rose of Hope

The Rose of HopeBefore a rose is fitted
With glorious shades of love
The sharpness of the thorn appears
It stands alone
No one comes near
No one knows
If it lives in fear
Fear of always
Being just a thorn bush
Keeping eyes and touch at bay
Does the rose
Know that someday
Passersby will stop
And mingle
In amongst the fragrance shared
Gladly give their love and friendship
‘Cause there’s compassion
In the heart of a rose
Yes there’s hope in the beauty
That the light has revealed
So never forget that every pain
Every trial
Has a gown of blessing
For all those redeemed

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

4 thoughts on “The Rose of Hope

  1. A “gown of blessing”. It is often not seen or noticed by the one wearing it. But others sense that there is safety, compassion and life wisdom to be gotten from that Rose. They see the gown. They rejoice in the assurance that beauty can be found in the midst of thorns.


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